Letter – Bouchard’s experience with public schools makes her the right choice

Published 6:23 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022


I am writing this letter to formally endorse Linda Bouchard for school board in the Chuckatuck Borough. As a former board member who served with Mrs. Bouchard in the past, I know she possesses the qualities needed for the job. She was able to work effectively with other board members, administration, and city leaders. She always conducted herself in a professional and ethical manner.

Her three children attended and graduated from Suffolk Public Schools, and in addition, she taught in the SPS system for 20 years. This exposure to the public schools gives her great insight on where improvements need to be made. Her two opponents have chosen not to utilize the public schools for their children, yet they want to direct how it is run.


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Mrs. Bouchard’s platform is pretty straight forward.

What should Suffolk Public Schools be teaching your children? Just the facts.

What should you, the parents be teaching your children? Everything else.

Teachers have enough on their plates. Let them focus on the basics and leave the social issues to the parents.

Please restore some dignity, decorum and wisdom to the board, the Chuckatuck Borough and the city of Suffolk, by electing Mrs. Bouchard.

Diane Foster