Land Transfers for Oct. 21-27

Published 7:00 pm Friday, November 4, 2022

Jacob R. Johnson to Frank Gagliano; 653 Kings Highway; $475,000

Northampton Associates LLC to Melinda L. Gaines; 5412 Cavalier Road; $527,075

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Agnes Opoku Agyeman; 1907 Union Pacific Way; $309,490


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Northampton Associates LLC to Kathryn M. Horrall; 1029 Strawberry Court; $609,325

Albert M. Labella to Christopher Williams; 3340 Mintonville Point Drive; $650,000

East Coast Development Group Inc. to James Carpenter; 3383 Nansemond River Drive; $1,073,800

Michael D. McCrickard Jr. to Devin Conyers; 1019 Delaware Ave; $292,500

Robbie S. Goff to Kristan L. S. Goodwine; 2604 River Watch Drive; $429,900

Betty E. Leinwand TR ETC to Alisa Dunn Ritter; 107 Lookout Circle; $580,000

Domenica V. Pringle to Freedom Home Buyers of America; 121 Wexford Drive East; $125,000

Brittany Henderson to Prosperity One LLC; 2022 Brians Lane; $349,200

Dominique Weldin to Victor M Zepeda Jr.; 364 Canaan Circle; $425,000

William Luther Wilkinson III to Nicholas Robert Wilt; 2090 Peterson Way; $376,000

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Terry Harper; 1901 Union Pacific Way; $277,435

RF8B LLC to Jaramis Whitaker; 127 Bowrider Drive; $410,822

Ainslie Group Inc. to Milton James Sivells; 1301 Pitchkettle Farm Lane; $917,648

East Coast Builder and Investments to Jameirra I. Vessells; 110 S 5th Street; $215,000

FFC Properties LLC to Myron J. Benson; 3036 Dabney Lane; $333,000

Hathaway Homes Inc to Brian A. Jones; 750 Dutch Road; $65,000

William S. Weissner to William S. Weissner; 228 Pinner Street; $137,816

Sharon D. Hazelwood to Eurica Johnson; 406 White Oak Lane; $255,000

Coastal Virginia Partners LLC to NVR Inc.; 97 Clara Court; $425,118

Daniel E. Vandehey to Hope Center Ministries; 1653 Holland Road; $489,100

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Javorah Taylor; 1027 Paragon Way; $446,540

Ben H. Lineberry to Brett Grand Shaw; 2034 Queens Point Drive; $400,000

Mary S. Smith to Leck Lawrence; 922 Carolina Road; $120,000

Joseph H. Wetherbee Sr to Shawanda Denise Darden; 5925 Brookwood Drive; $204,000

William N. Bunch Jr. to Ravi Samlal; 216 Lakeside Street; $64,000

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Frank S. Galaviz; 1101 Union Pacific Way; $273,400

Mary L. Frye Heir to Jitendra Swarup; 3220 Stone Harbour Court; $651,000

Gary E. Dunne to Patricia Allison; 6332 Vaughan Avenue; $314,900

Lake Meade VA LLC to Shannon Chain; 1022 Egret Lane; $658,606

CIM REO 2021NR2 LLC to Reo Trust 2012NR2; 2028 Hickorywood Drive; $10

REO Trust 2021NR2 to Clearview Homes VA LLC; 2028 Hickorywood Drive: $159,000

Tony Benton to Nice Heritage LLC; 210 Charlotte Avenue; $81,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Miles Elder Ford; 222 Veterans Court; $375,280

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Allen M. Synder; 231 Veterans Court; $366,090

Crowell Gap Investment LLC to Kevin A. Leake Jr.; 4650 White Marsh Road; $585,000

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Marla D. King; 1102 Union Pacific Way; $266,239

Tiffany Ezahnria Deloatch to City of Suffolk; Eason Route .337 and 627; $3,012

Anglea V. Goode to Robert Uhlman; 117 Mahan Street; $97,000

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Andru D. Ransaw; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 203; $274,900

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to June S. Triplett; 1027 Paragon Way #B; $413,275

BCQ Towns LLC to Danielle Millien; 1001 Opal Street; $385,494

Robert Lyons to Beverly Barrett Cox III; 3318 Nansemond River Drive; $465,000

NVR Inc. to Roshad Solomon; 209 Terrywood Drive; $481,700

Marlow D Huff to Scott Nathan Bee III; 3609 Deerfield Drive; $306,000

Jacqueline M Davis Cheeseman to Suffolk Cit of; 4424 Armstrong Avenue; $145,000

Matthew C Lemma to Dalton McClenny Ankrom; 3724 Finish Line Arch; $431,000

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Tracy L Fields; 1106 Union Pacific Way; $310,100

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Willie L Wiggins Jr; 1110 Union Pacific Way; $274,445

Joshua Dickson AKA to David J Biallas; 4649 Sleepy Hole Road; $575,000