Sojourn Fermentory to open next year in Bridgeport

Published 6:10 pm Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Sojourn Fermentory plans to open Suffolk’s first cidery in the Bridgeport Community in spring 2023. Bridgeport is a premier community in the North Suffolk corridor that positions itself as an epicenter for community congregation and social engagement.

Sojourn’s location is set to include a tasting room/dining area, full kitchen, kid-friendly space and outdoor beer garden. Craft beer and cider will be made on-site using a specific mechanical brewing system designed to produce decoction-style lagers.

“Our focus is on creating fresh takes on traditional styles of beer, specifically progressive European lagers, spontaneous fermentation, and barrel-aged stouts,” Sojourn Fermentory co-owner and head


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brewer Michael Pawley said. “We love the intricacies and details of making high quality beer and cider, especially when we get to share this passion with our community.”

Sojourn Fermentory’s mission is to create a place where diverse individuals and families can come together in a community (a.k.a “sojourn”) to share their stories while enjoying high-quality beer and cider. Sojourn Fermentory plans to be open seven days a week, including hosting special events such as beer/cider tastings and food pairings, charity fundraising, community festivals, and more. Private

parties will also have opportunities to rent out a portion of the space for more intimate gatherings.

Craft beer enthusiasts may have seen that many beers brewed in collaboration with Sojourn Fermentory have already been released into the market in anticipation of the brick-and-mortar location opening next year.