Column – One’s ‘Kingdom DNA’ offers the right atmosphere for life

Published 5:22 pm Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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By Ariane Williams

What happens when you forget who you are? What happens when the people in your world try to define who you are to fit their own terms? It shifts the atmosphere.

An atmosphere is the “pervading tone or mood of a place, situation or work of art.” Did you know that your current “atmosphere” of your life is only a work of art in which God is redirecting, reshaping, repurposing and restoring your kingdom DNA? During this season of “atmospheres,” I had questions about my kingdom assignment; the voice of the world became loud in my spirit, and it became overcrowded.

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The atmosphere forced me to sit in silence just to hear the voice of God. The silence became a sense of healing as the voice of God grew louder and louder in my spirit. It is normal for the atmosphere to feel uncomfortable because of the shifting and pulling that is taking place in your life.

Although you may feel like you are far away from your assignment, you are actually walking in it. Today is your second chance.

When the atmosphere shifts, you shift into a place of questions, bruising, grief and tears. You find yourself in a maze not knowing the direction to get out. You wait in anxiety for answers and healing but become afraid that God doesn’t hear your voice.

Sometimes, the tone and mood of your “experienced” atmosphere can open healed wounds and leave you looking for a spiritual first aid kit.

To be transparent, I stopped speaking and praying because I felt like I did not have the perfect words to speak to God. I stopped speaking and praying because I felt like my imperfections compromised my “Kingdom DNA (Don’t Negotiate Atmospheres).”

I did not realize that my imperfections created the perfect atmosphere to call on him. Recently, I stopped at the beach, looked towards the water, breathed, and began to speak into the atmosphere of faith; faith was all I had; it was all I needed. The exact words, “I let go” began to spill from my mouth. I exhaled and left a heavy atmosphere that was weighing me down to walk into a new atmosphere that claimed my Kingdom DNA.

It is important to allow God to surround you with people that will show you that you are not “exclusive” to the challenges that will come during this walk. It is important to allow God to surround you with people that will show you that you are “inclusive” in the Holy Spirit.

I had to realize that I was not alone in my walk. While I was trying to fit back into me, God was showing me that I was outgrowing an atmosphere that no longer belonged to me. I needed God to restructure and reaffirm my spirit.

Sometimes, we must sit in silence so that we can hear again. While I thought that I had forgotten how to pray, God only wanted me to open up my mouth and whisper His name.

I was giving so much of me that I depleted everything that was within me. I found myself defending my atmosphere to people who did not truly capture the “art of my heart” that God painted for me as part of my Kingdom DNA.

His  purpose for my life allowed my spirit to go through some things that shaked me to the core. It allowed me to step out of “old shoes and claim a new pair” just for a new walk. It felt uncomfortable.

A good friend told me that I couldn’t turn back to collect those old shoes and that I had to press forward. I want to encourage you at this moment that you have been “delivered from the things of your past; refuse to live in anything that God delivered you from.” You are just beginning to live in your Kingdom DNA.

Begin to whisper his name into the atmosphere, and those whispers will heal any open wounds. Stop defending your current atmosphere to people who do not understand your assignment.

Lift your hands at this moment, let go, and declare your victory. You are in the right place to claim your Kingdom DNA.