Land Transfers for Dec. 16-30

Published 4:50 pm Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Dec. 16-30

Sawyer VA LLC to Callon Anthony Thompkins; 207 Selby Court; $618,630

Isaiah Summersett to Larrie S. Jones; Lot 94 Hillpoint Greens at Hillpoint Farms Phase One Chuckatuck Borough; $440,000


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Melissa D. Tilton to Kenneth R. Pirl; 7816 Quaker Drive; $599,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Ethan Love; 214 Veterans Court; $337,255

Daniels Construction Corp. to Willie E. Blankenship; 310 Baker Street; $236,800

James W. Cook to Ian Patrick Hodgkins; 1436 Aspen Court; $260,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Frank Micheal Reyes; 174 Peck Lane; $426,795

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 80 Clara Court; $425,118

Earth LLC to W. David Jamerson; 2672 Kings Fork Road; $80,000

Bond Street Property Holdings Inc. to Beach Cove Builders LLC; 227 Clay Street; $30,000

4th Generation Home Builders LLC to Rita C. Royster; 1016 Egret Lane; $681,299

NRGC Development LLC to Cherone Rollins; 169 Peck Lane; $456,136

Stephen L. Distefano to Larry Luellen Jr.; 2315 Silver Charm Circle; $338,500

NVR Inc. to Patrick Jerome Wright Jr.; 43 Cecelia Way; $284,990

Robert W. Knapp to Edward Lee Knight Jr.; 5319 Shoal Creek Road; $405,500

Jennings B. Varney to Alvin T. Boone Jr.; 135 Robin Lane; $350,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to James A. Pettway; 901 Teton Circle; $193,000

Christopher J. Snyder to Douglas R. Walter; 6404 Loxley Court; $385,000

Hadyn Tapp to Tinera Marquita Faulcon; 905 Lakeside Drive; $229,500

Keisha Pullen to Raven Elizabeth Price; 5107 S Links Circle; $318,000

Shingle Creek Associates to Hampton Roads Sanitation District; Virginia Ham Drive; $22,022

Shingle Creek Associates to Hampton Roads Sanitation District; 110 Virginia Ham Drive; $7,000

Limecrest Development LLC to Matthew W McCreight; 2016 Patrick Drive; $424,900

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Lindsey Franklin Lyerly Jr.; 205 Bosley Avenue; $340,000

Joseph R. DePhillips to Joseph C Holland Jr.; 48.174 Acres More or Less Holy Neck Borough; $165,000

Northampton Associates LLC to Kevin M. Wyne; 1004 Strawberry Court; $576,525

Douglas M. Daniels to James Brownfield; 120 Woodfern Lane; $340,000

Jesse F. Boone Jr. to Feuerhahn Properties LLC; 300 Lummis Road; $32,000

Bonita S. Price to Stephanie Canteen; 300 Cornerstone Walk; $415,000

Chenoah Kent to Johnathon Ryan Krieg; 112 Deborah Drive; $335,000

Lourdes L. York to David Tullis; 2625 Little John Road; $475,000

Daniels Construction Corp. to Brittany Sledge; 5987 Indian Trail; $498,000

Douglas K. Weitzman to Aaron A. Olsen; 9031 River Crescent; $600,000

KCS Icebox Orf 1 LLC to KCS Icebox Orf LLC; 1970 Northgate Commerce Parkway; $954,892

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Roger C. Reynolds; 1024 Paragon Way No. B; $468,295

Anthony D. Hall to Christy N. Godwin; 2049 Queens Pointe Drive; $348,000

McGowan Group Inc. to KCA Icebox Orf LLC; 115 Maya Way; $2,796,750

Elizabeth F. Serpa TR ETC to Claudia Isabelle Alday; 6207 South Oaken Gate Drive; $449,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to William T. Wilkison Jr.; 183 Peck Lane; $482,917

Ryan Construction Co. Inc. to RYCA LLC; Parcel One 1 Acre; $100,000

Ryan Construction Co. Inc. to RYCA LLC; Half an Acre on County Road Sleepy Hole Magisterial District; $28,000

Ryan Construction Co. Inc. to RYCA LLC; Parcel 1 Property of J W Bridge Sleep Hole Magisterial District; $28,000

RiverClub VA LLC to Lauri Large; 209 Shelby Court; $508,142

Lake Meade VA LLC to John Hosey Jr.; 1020 Egret Lane; $575,231

Kerry Donovan Randolph to Janis Brelsford; 2001 Waters Edge Lane; $295,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Steven Cox; 235 Veterans Court; $351,785

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Thomas N. Anderson Jr.; 1024 Paragon Way No. D; $432,230

Joshua M. Yoder to Rosa Angelica Parra; 153 Patriots Walke Drive; $488,000

Rosemarie Jackson to Julie A. Rodgers; 1215 Baltic Street; $271,000

GS&JD Enterprises LLC to Kristy Bailey; 4480 O’Kelly Drive; $468,000

James Eason to WH Chesapeake; 116 Reid Street; $20,000

Carol J. Ballance to Benjamin David Throop; 154 South Majestic Drive; $200,000

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Michael E. Dunlow; 1024 Paragon Way No. C; $470,965

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Caitlyn Shreaves Mata; 226 Veterans Court: $376,945

Found and Lost Company A Business to Charitable Arms II LLC; 401 Saint James Avenue; $135,000

Thomas M. Baines to Mitchell Ryan Hynes; 7261 Indian Trail; $310,000

Michael P. Fee to Charles Mahakian; 4481 Deer Forest Road; $725,000

Darren S. Kovas to East Coast Renos LLC; 108 Chapel Hill Court; $294,000

Candice L. Mitchell to Xavier Allen; 2410 Cherry Blossom Drive; $315,500

Sterling Spruill to Black Tip Associates LLC; 6377 Old Townpoint Road; $42,000

Robert Wayne Watts to Thomas A. Weatherford; 1029 Bay Breeze; $399,900

Nancy Tlahuel Palacios to Luis Batrez; 316 Saint James Avenue; $165,000

Anthony James Pacitto to Deborah Meranda; 201 Byrd Street; $325,000

Doris Miller Fulgham to Marvin Copeland; 4002 Happys Drive; $35,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Tiffany V. Allen; 220 Veterans Court; $358,235

Hallstead Land LLC to Orin P Reams Jr.; 1101 Acadian Drive B; $455,396

Better Quality Homes LLC to Robert L. Brown; 216 North Capital Street; $199,900

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Christopher James Dunkelberg; 187 Peck Lane; $481,375

Suffolk Land Co. LLC to EMC LLC; 404 Jackson Street; $365,000

Norman A. Reid to AB Homes LLC; 0 White Marsh Road; $287,500

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLP to Bonita S. Price; 226 Creek Front Lane; $647,448

Joseph H. Presley to Steven Allen Hickman; 861 Haskins Drive; $293,000

Vincent M. Lubetski to Michael Jeffrey Stenson; 124 Squire Reach; $227,000

Hastings and Sons LLC to Nykira Hairston; 7955 Corinth Chapel Road; $415,000

James Claude Rhyne III to Paul Michael Helvestine; 2450 Holland Corner Road; $20,000

Charlotte Askew Nelms to Jesse H. Marshall; 8216 Whaleyville Boulevard; $180,000

Keith S. Cichorz to Vu M. Nguyen; 5080 Bay Circle; $625,000

Triple A Holdings LLC to Philip Williams; 1146 Chancellor Court; $10

Ailene Daniels LLC to Edwin James; 915 Railroad Avenue; $223,000

Hallstead Land LLC to Tammie Leah Bridges; 1101 Acadian Drive C; $409,185

Earth LLC to Bradford G. Waters; 2340 Kings Fork Road; $220,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Joseph C. Jones; 176 Peck Lane; $463,805

Moria Genae Painter to Adnan Awadallah; 6074 Newington Place; $274,900

TLC Properties Norfolk LLC to Kevcor Contracting Corp.; 1480 Carolina Road; $132,000

RiverClub VA LLC to American Lebanese Syrian Association; 302 Wales Lane; $556,521

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 68 Clara Court; $425,118

Anthony Ebel to Wade Emerson Bieber; 5646 Godwin Blvd.; $175,000

Spivey Real Estate Holdings LLC to SB Constractor LLC; 1204 Clarys Drive; $35,000

Habitats LLC to Brenda Williams; Part of Lot 1 West Jericho; $15,000

Edgar R. Carrelo to Azad B. Haji; 6406 Ashmeade Court; $500,000

Guardian HHH I LLC to HHHunt Corporation; 103 Meadows Landing Lane; $346,354

3 Keys To A Home LLC to Devin Nelson; 102 Bailey Circle; $299,000

Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1204 Blythewood Lane; $10