Land Transfers for Jan. 1-19

Published 5:56 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Eugene L. Ridgeway; 224 Creek Front Lane; $649,061

KP & Associates LLC to Brendan James White; 1706 Freeney Avenue; $260,000

Seaboard Enterprises Inc to Kasey D. Bogue; 5136 Deer Path Road; $429,900


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Yolanda Salazar to Kara Alyse Smarr; 1847 Mountainside Avenue; $335,000

Henry A. Elling TR ETC to Sovanarin Oth; 3604 Bridge Road; $340,000

R&L Development LLC to Micahel P. Hinds III; 616 Battery Avenue; $269,000

Antowyne Charles to Nice Heritage LLC; 313 Cedar Street; $145,000

James Thomas to Gregory Swift; 1779 Mill Wood Way; $429,000

Chyrel Postell Lassister FKA to Michael Parham Jr.; 114 Timberneck Arch; $228,000

Jeremiah J. Maines to William Labi Addo; 2202 Humphreys Drive; $281,000

Micahel Hughes to Cody Spencer Kincaid; 6628 Apple Street; $275,000

William M. Walat to Ducote Enterprises LLC; 6008 Vineyard Lane; $233,500

Joshlyn P. Poole to Ronald Haughton; 305 Duck Court; $259,000

Richard G Wilkie III to Sold Ease LLC; 305 Elizabeth Street; $100,000

Shu Chen to Dallas R. Davis; 2242 Humphreys Drive, Unit 300; $274,000

Jay W. Ray to William S. Slagle; 117 Winterview Drive; $408,460

Faye J. Wiggins to Laquiasha N. Boone; 911 Teton Circle, Unit 104; $225,000

Nathaniel W. Sims to Jacob Chamberlain; 4401 Hubbard Avenue; $400,000

Thomas A. Daniels to Jacqueline Dacosta; 202 Squire Reach; $223,000

Darryl T. Mack II to Tele Homes LLC; 509 Smith Street; $155,000

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Hannah Hanson; 9900 Southwestern Boulevard; $284,000

Stephen J. Hart to Exum Lee III, 5034 Kings Grant Circle; $379,900

Thomas M. Queen to BC Branch Enterprises Inc.; Lots 13B and 14 Block 22; $25,000

YAK LLC to BC Branch Enterprises Inc.; 1619 Freeman Mill Road; $35,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Chantel Clack; 311 Wellons Street; $232,390

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to 4th Generation Home Builders LLC; $232,000

Preeminent Development Group LLC to Ronnie Jack Baker Jr.; 2101 Vermont Avenue; $194,900

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Lake Meade VA LLC; 116 Abbey Road; $912,000

ABK Rentals LLC to Carlyn Stowe; 7123 Elwood Road; $200,000

Randolph D. Holland to Molly Windham; 2304 Manning Road; $225,000

Joshua D. Herigstand to Beverly A. Lambert Frazier; 131 American Way; $397,980

Professional Foreclosure Corporation to Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC; 1001 Lummis Road; $211,141

Carol Lee Consolva Alley to Donald Holzer; 5316 Mineral Spring Road; $575,000

Paul P. Schifferli III to Paul Clifford; 141 Kristen Lane; $269,000

MREA Suffolk LLC to Balboa Properties; 6535 Hampton Roads Parkway; $2,830,000

John E. Hall to Christopher G. Hobert; 230 Wentworth Court; $2,500,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Dara J Hall; 102 Creek Front Lane; $453,400

Tammy Crafford Wata Sprinkle to Tad Helm Inc.; 163 Squire Reach; $154,000

N.B. Brothers II to Wayne E Lathrop; 3351 Desert Road; $125,000

Christopher M. Hansborough Sr. to Mario Otis Bryan Scheller; 200 North Capital Street; $236,500

New Dominion Pictures LLC to Chesapeake City of Virginia; 1000 Film Way; $6,111

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 110 Abbey Road; $116,000

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 117 Abbey Road; $116,000

Rosalyn H. Rolle to 72019 LLC; 541 Wilson Street; $28,500

BGM Properties LLC to Marc Neppl; 6065 Bradford Drive #B; $125,000

C&G Properties to MPS Holdings LLC; 120 Pitchkettle Road; $25,000

RiverClub VA LLC to Sharon Gorgani Collins; 212 Shelby Court; $574,461

Justin V. Davis to Debra Hartley Mays; 1644 Pitchkettle Road; $205,000

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Faline Cajuste; 201 Charlotte Avenue; $247,000

NRGC Development LLC to Rashad Allan Williams Sr; 160 Peck Lane; $455,281

William A. Hoggard to Khaleel Sanders; 236 Craftsman Circle; $258,000

Alexis Thompson Clark Heir to RD to Capital Inc.; 200 Maple Street; $134,500

PennyMac Loan Services LLC to 757 Group LLC; 410 Highland Avenue; $135,000

Linwood I. Wiggins Jr. to George Willam Ivey Jr. Living Trust Dated Aug.9, 1996; 8617 Gates Road;  $240,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Myron Waymond White III; 429 Spruce Street; $234,890

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Elizabeth Tew Lester; 229 Creek Front Lane; $568,199

TMS Property Management LLC to FD Retail Properties LLC; 1821 Holland Road; $595,775

Ervin Ruffin to Adele Ruffin; 1306 Spencer Court; $138,000

Nice Heritage LC to Raul Rodriguez; 313 Cedar Street; $166,500

Joshua Bohr to Lisa M. Doss; 105 Civil Court; $420,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to Catherine L. Marin; 1027 Egret Lane; $654,812

Hermitage Point LLC to NVR Inc.; Marston Street; $672,000

Barbara A. Artis to Jeffrey A. Brown; 2118 Georgia Avenue; $60,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Julia Lomax; 2360 Cherry Grove Road; $397,990

Nhut Thanh Nghiem By Heir to Marlon Johnson; 4210 Ellington Avenue; $416,000

Justin D. Weeks to Tidewater Investments 3 LLC; 254 Holbrook Arch; $350,000

Smallwood Properties LLC to Kinmik LLC; 701 Adams Street; $40,000

Nathaniel Amin Sarracent to Joseph Rivera Deguzman; 2035 Petersen Way; $264,000

Lonnie Titus Howell Sr. to Roberto Friedman; 632 Third Avenue; $102,000

Steve G. Willard to Jenna Obeid; 227 Abingdon Circle; $250,000

Daniels Construction Corp. to Damaris Guadalupe and Andrade Chavez; $319,900

Samuel I. White PC TR to Current Homes LLC; 104 Retreat Drive; $306,000

Polk Pinewill Builders LLC to Emari Scurlock; 313 N Capital Street; $200,000

McDonald Ventures XXV LLC to McDonald Venture XLVII LLC to 301 Kenyon Road; $3,430,000

McDonald Ventures XXV LLC to McDonald Venture XLVII LLC to 351 Kenyon Road; $1,030,000

BGM Properties LLC to Juniper Crescent; 6105 Brookwood Drive, Unit B; $128,500

Zanda L. Barnes to Yvette Wilson Barnes; 3006 Wincanton Cove; $395,000

Logan J. McBride to Courtney Sian; 3772 Desert Road; $315,000

Eugene Alfred Herrera to John J. Diamond; 109 Green Spring Drive; $655,000

NVR Inc. to Misa D Hamlin; 21 Cecelia Way; $293,470

Reid Derco to Vickie Howton Knox; 5018 Prestwick Road; $315,000

Steven H. Hall to Daniel James Cahill; 6701 Blue Teal Court; $411,500