Column – Comparison is the enemy, robs God’s joy

Published 7:12 pm Friday, January 27, 2023

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By Tonya Sinclair Swindell

Comparison is my enemy. It is definitely not my friend. When I compare myself to others, my own strengths I fail to discover.

If I seek others’ approval, my confidence may need renewal. If I rely on another person’s compliment, I may set myself up for discouragement.

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If I compare my strengths to theirs, it can amplify my fears. And if I don’t measure up, I may become complacent or stuck.

Comparing my life to others is really no way to live. It sabotages success and makes it difficult to give mercy to myself when I fail to meet a goal. It prevents me from being healthy and mentally whole.

Comparison causes me to rely on what often is a lie: That other people have it better than me, but all the while they are struggling.

Comparison gives me false news and causes me to sing the blues, telling me grass is greener on the other side. Instead of speaking the truth, it tells me lies.

Comparison causes depression and neglect of God-given blessings. It causes me to avoid giving praise to the Lord.

Comparison causes me to seek another person’s good qualities, while I neglect my own and think that I’m alone.

Comparison makes me think that I am the only one, who’s going through something or not really having fun.

Comparison may cause me to feel that I am in distress when actually it’s pretty clear that I am truly blessed.

Comparison can rob me of happiness or instead create bitterness in me. Comparison can kill my aspiration and lead me to devastation.

Comparison causes me to trust in other people’s opinions instead of relying on my God-given visions.

Comparison gives me the feeling of failing instead of healing because I’m trying my best to compete instead of doing what’s best for me.

Comparison has consequences that take away from the pleasantness of knowing God’s will for me as I focus on who he called me to be.

Comparison is a thief of the joy God has given me. It is a robber and a killer that requires God to deliver.

Comparison causes me to see that there is no one just like me. I am uniquely made and from comparison I can be saved.

Comparison can be overcome if I say, “Lord, thy will be done.” Comparison can be kept in check if I read God’s word and see myself in it.

I am the apple of God’s eye. God’s masterpiece am I. There is really no room to compare because I am God’s royal heir.

Comparison is my enemy. It is definitely not a friend of me. But it also has a way of escape, when I see myself God’s way.


Tonya Sinclair Swindell is a writer, poet and mental health occupational therapist. She is author of Nourishment & Encouragement: Poetry For Your Mind, Body, and Soul (  Tonya can be reached at: