Suffolk Mural Unveiled

Published 6:15 pm Friday, February 10, 2023

It was all smiles and laughs as Sheriff E.C. Harris, members of his department, Suffolk Christian Academy students and city officials came to celebrate the reveal of the newly completed mural.

Artist Kristin Hinson led the project with help from SCA students. 

Suffolk Chief Deputy Maj. David Miles explained how it all came together.


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“The mural project began in 2021 when the sheriff envisioned having a blank wall in our conference room covered in images that represent our city,” Miles said. “Deputy G. Diggs of our office was tasked with making contact with the local schools to have students involved in the design and painting of the project.”

Miles said it did take a while to find an artist, but once we made contact with Kristin of K. Buck Studios, the wheels were set in motion, bringing the mural to life.

Hinson shared some of her experiences that were part of painting the mural.

“The process was a lot more than I anticipated, I definitely underestimated, but we’ve been working on it since last June so it’s definitely been a while,” she said. “It was really fun and amazing to be able to give back to Suffolk, a place I’ve grown up, and now I’m raising my kids.”

She said when Sheriff Harris called her, she knew she had to help him out.

“We got to incorporate the schools, which I loved the teaching aspect, the giving back aspect, I just really loved the whole thing,” Hinson said.

Miles said he believes the mural is a reflection of the city they serve everyday.

“The mural doesn’t just represent the Suffolk Sheriff’s Office, it epitomizes the true meaning of Suffolk, the Suffolk we all hold dear,” he said. “These illustrations not only depict our office, but they portray the local schools, agricultural business, and the history that our city is known for.”

Hinson said she was honored to complete the work of art.

“It means a lot to be asked by the sheriff to do it and to leave almost a borderline permanent mark,” she said. “I’m just really glad I could make just the smallest impact even if it’s just a colored wall.”

She said they wished they could incorporate students from all the public schools, but it wasn’t feasible.

“So getting to know the two students and the teacher alone from SCA, Annie, Maddie, and Caely, it was a really good experience and we all learned a lot and I think we’re all friends now,” Hinson said. “It was really nice to meet new people and to give back.”

Also attending the unveiling of the mural were Suffolk City Treasurer Ronald H. Williams, Commissioner of the Revenue Susan L. Drapier, Commonwealth’s Attorney Narendra R. Pleas, Mayor Michael Duman, councilmembers Roger Fawcett, Leroy Bennett and John Rector and retired councilman Donald Goldberg.