Best Apps To Help With English Class

Published 3:49 pm Friday, February 24, 2023

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Is learning English one of your goals? Have you already built some English skills and you want to improve them? Well, thanks to the evolution of technology, you now have a lot of apps at hand you can use. And the best thing is that you can learn English while you are on the go. You can learn English while commuting or waiting for an order, as you can install all these apps on your phone too. So that you have facile and instant access to them anytime. 

Getting an education, especially as an international student, makes college challenging. Even though reading that coursework or that book, taking part in that class, or studying that lesson improve your English skills, you may need additional help. So, here are some really helpful mobile apps you can install that will help you get a better grade, and expand your vocabulary and your grammar too. Using language learning tools leads to boosting writing skills too, so here are some top-rated educational apps that will help you achieve your goal. 


Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps, one that offers english class assistance too. The best thing about it is that you can use it for free and it is available on Android, iOS, and Windows too. Of course, if you want premium features like unlimited hearts and practicing on your mistakes, you can subscribe to Super Duolingo and pay a monthly fee. 

However, the free version might be just enough for learning English. The vocabulary expansion is tremendous and you learn so many new words, but also grammar rules. You practice your speaking, listening, and writing skills, which is incredibly helpful. It is one of the services that everyone who wants to learn English should use. Often after receiving English homework in school or college, you can run into some problems in completing it. Duolingo cannot do my English homework for me, but there are different English homework help services available to assist you in improving your assignments for a better grade. Like any other learning process, enhancing your English skills with Duolingo and other resources takes time and dedication, but the progress you make will be noticeable day by day.


Improving your English skills is not only about learning how to write correctly or formulate sentences or questions. It is also about learning how to pronounce the words correctly. And if you are not a native speaker, you might feel this is one of the biggest challenges. 

Indeed, every language has its specific sounds, so learning how to pronounce the words correctly might take time. But not with BoldVoice. Just using this app for 15 minutes per day will help you boost your speaking skills. The best thing is that lessons are personalized in your native language, so you will feel the learning process is way easier. 


Not only your speaking and writing skills are essential in English, but your reading ones too. This means understanding what you read in English, as you may have a lot of books on your list to read for college. This is what the LillyPad app focuses on. There are hundreds of books available in English on this app, which are completely free. You can learn English by practicing your vocabulary and knowledge, but also by reading stories. 

On top of this, you can practice your speaking skills too, as you can have a conversation with Lilly in this app. The best thing about this app is that it has courses, books, and stories available for all levels: beginner, intermediate, and even advanced. And you will surely boost your skills tremendously. It is free to use and it is available only on Android. 

Rosetta Stone 

This is a pretty distinct app from the ones listed above as it uses a particular way of learning. You get pictures and you need to match them with words. Of course, this helps you expand your vocabulary in English, so it is one of the mobile apps that should be on your list. However, even though it used to be an expensive app, it now has a subscription model you can check. Using this app for 30 minutes per day will help you expand your vocabulary. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to learn English and you are looking for the most effective learning apps, then you should know that these should be on your list. Each of them has a distinct approach to learning English. But you can expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar and spelling, and boost your listening, speaking, and reading skills.