Boy Scouts Troop 1 celebrates 100 year anniversary

Published 5:58 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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It was a momentous occasion for the Boy Scouts of America as Troop 1 celebrated its 100th anniversary Saturday, Feb. 25. 

The ceremony at the Main Street United Methodist Church saw Scouts, Scoutmasters as well as past troop members and many families come together to honor Troop 1’s history.

“We have come together to take a moment to reflect on the history of this troop and remember and recognize the impact it has had on our lives,” said Scoutmaster and Master of Ceremonies Andrew McCauley. “Whether you were a Scout, Scouter, or family member, Troop 1 has had an impact in your life. And by seeing this turnout, I would say it must be a positive one.”

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Scoutmaster John McLemore then talked about the history of Scouting, while  acknowledging the work of Scouts who achieve the level of Eagle Scout. 

“Over the 100 years that we’re celebrating today, Troop 1 has recognized and awarded the convenient Eagle Scout award to 178 scouts,” said McLemore. “The very fact that Troop 1 has had 178 Eagle Scouts is evident of this troop’s excellence.”

The evening’s meal followed speeches from Troop 1 Eagle Scout Scott Sherard, Scoutmaster Rick Wilson and 1990 Troop 1 Eagle Scout Todd Pruitt, and the benediction by Current Troop/Chaplain Aide Kyle Beers. 

Scoutmaster Robert N. Baker, III, who served as Scoutmaster from 1971-1988 said he believes the ceremony went well.

“I think a lot of people had a good time, got to see old friends, and eat good food,” said Baker. “We had two great speakers, Scott Sherard and John McLemore, and overall I think it went pretty well.”

The troop shared photos from its event on Facebook at