Land transfers for Feb. 17-23

Published 6:00 pm Friday, March 10, 2023

Daniels Construction Corp. to Lisa Dixon; 3931 Carolina Road; $599,900

Gail B.. Taylor to John D Webster; 4333 North Ainslie Court; $606,400

NRGC Development LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC; 199 Peck Lane; $738,000


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Daniels Construction Corp. to Tristan Gross; 521 Ashley Avenue; $260,000

James G. Harcum to Alexander L. Stice; 5774 Greenwood Road; $645,000

NRGC Development LLC to Akim J. Warner; 163 Norfleet Lane; $427,978

Michael McNeil to City of Suffolk; 4436 Armstrong Avenue; $143,000

Vandious Lee Britt III to Salokin Properties LLC; 112 Division Street; $60,000

Richard R. Posey to Stevens FHIP LLC; Skeeter Reid Route 705 ACL RR; $20,000

Mark Meredith to Melissa A. Ball; Lot 11 Block 18 Hollywood; $240,000

NVR Inc. to Kaley Gray; 1208 GunBoat Drive; $422,505

Bessie T. Galloway to Kevin R. Harewood; 126 Kings Point Drive; $280,000

Starr Creek LLC to DR Horton Inc.; 3385 Nansemond River Drive; $1,950,000

Patricia G. Weaver TR ETC to Sims Properties; 307 Elizabeth Street; $135,000

Thomas R. Stutz to Crowell Gap Investments LLC; 2816 Manning Road; $45,000

Damien R. Dennis to Landon Kahler; 145 Beechwood Drive; $255,000

Michael Anthony Garcia to Craig M. Orris; 105 Mistral Terrace; $375,000

Rosibel Aguilar to BC Branch Enterprises Inc; 106 Halifax Street; $25,000

Rosibel Aguilar to Kelis Investments LLC; Lot 1 Oak Street South Suffolk; $22,500

Rosibel Aguilar to Tier 1 Investments LLC; Lot 32 Block 2 North Jericho; $22,500

Donald Marlon Eason to Randy Elliott Eason; 5.34 Acres More or Less Daniels Construction; $25,196

Randy Elliott Eason to F & F Homes LLC; 5.34 Acres More or Less Daniels Construction; $65,000

Britney Lynn Hodges to Samidawoodkamaln Kouri; 811 Garfield Avenue; $280,000

NVR Inc. to Flavia Quaisie; 225 Terrywood Drivel $480,425

Riverclub VA LLC to Andrew Johnson; 216 Selby Court; $566,017

Shirley H. Talbert to Thomas M. Baines; 1426 Planters Drive; $205,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Natalie V Cotton; 107 Honor Lane; $350,905

John H. Seok to Jeffrey Oakley; 6301 Orchard Cove Court; $462,000

Yolanda Lynne Spooney to Gina Bond; 118 Musket Circle; $525,000

AMB Properties LLC to Joel Dickens; 626 Mason Avenue; $305,900

Janice O. Mumford to Ferhat Kakouche; 4152 Longstreet; $850,000

Raton Corp. to Tele Homes LLC; 206 Central Avenue; $50,000

Marjorie T. Bullock to Mortgage Assets Management LLC; 1893 Meadow Country Road; $160,163

Mortgage Assets Management LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assets; 1893 Meadow Country Road; $160,163

Julie Marie Czosnyka Andeson to Stanley L. McLeod Sr.; 2045 Indian Point Road; $494,900

Daniel W. Henkel to Troy Vanwormer; 4016 River Park Drive; $1,070,000

Celia O. Alexander to Matthew N. Carr; 8992 River Crescent; $525,000

Lawrence L. Karchner Jr. to Andrew Grant; 6227 Oakglen Drive; $220,000

RSL Homes LLC to Aiden Oakley; 400 Adorn Court; $354,990