Letter – Hermie Sadler is no Glen Youngkin

Published 4:33 pm Tuesday, May 2, 2023

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I have been called a “hater” by some in the Sadler campaign. I do not “hate” candidate Hermie Sadler. I have met him, personally like him, and we agree on the gambling machine issue. If big companies can have them, then the smaller business should also. We part ways on other issues:

I don’t agree that someone’s main interest in being a state State Senator should be to help their business themselves, not the citizens.

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At the recent political forum he expressed several very troubling positions.

That he would not support an abortion exemption to save the life of the mother. Who has the right to tell someone they must die? Any candidate expressing this position can never win a general election. The other side will play this clip on television until you see it in your sleep. 

That no government entity should tell a landowner what they can do with their property, including zoning regulations. That sounds great, until your neighbor decides to build a toxic waste dump, explosives testing range or 1,188 acre solar farm like the Sadlers have.

That government should control fuel prices and prices of the fertilizer and other chemicals farmers must use. The heavy lifting is getting a bill passed to do this ,but getting it amended later to include other things, not so hard. Government could end up controlling everything.

He compares himself with Gov. Glen Youngkin. Youngkin graduated from Harvard Business School and Rice University. He ran Carlyle Group, an international financial services company worth $10 billion for 25 years. In that position he had much experience dealing with governments in the United States and internationally. I met Youngin several times during his campaign, Hermie is no Glen Youngkin.

Early voting starts Friday, May 5. Before voting, know the facts, watch the Brewer-Sadler Debate at vimeo.com/281817456.

Volpe Boykin