Council approves VRS retirement benefits for EMT and Paramedics

Published 8:15 pm Thursday, May 4, 2023

Suffolk’s full-time emergency medical technicians and paramedics will begin receiving Virginia Retirement System Enhance Hazardous Duty retirement benefits with City Council’s approval at Wednesday’s meeting.

As part of the May 3 consent agenda, council approved a resolution that puts the enhanced retirement benefits in place.

“Currently the fire department utilizes part-time paramedics and/or medically trained firefighters to staff ambulances in the city,” City Manager Albert S. Moor II said. “The fire chief desires to recruit and retain full-time paramedics assisting staff with ambulance.”


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Moor explained the VRS Enhance Hazardous Duty Retirement Benefits have a rate 1.5% retirement multiplier, when recommending approval.

It was one of six consent agenda that included accepting a $2,500 Walmart community grant for the Sheriff’s Office outreach program, funds of $5,000 from the Virginia Risk Sharing Association for the Suffolk Risk Management Program, $15,000 and $4,181.62 respectively from both the Campbell Oil Co. and the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Aviation for the Suffolk Executive Airport and a resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into agreements with Region 5 localities to obtain grant funding from the Virginia Opioid Abatement Authority.

The resolution and other consent agendas were approved with an 8-0 vote.