City deploys automated traffic enforcement cameras 

Published 9:48 pm Monday, May 8, 2023

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New technology is being deployed in Suffolk to improve safety on roads and add greater protection to school students and motorists.

The city is rolling out new Automated Traffic Enforcement Cameras immediately, including red light photo enforcement cameras, school zone speed enforcement cameras, school bus stop-arm enforcement cameras and work zone speed enforcement cameras.  

The City of Suffolk has collaborated with a private vendor, Altumint, to install and maintain the technology, according to a news release. The Suffolk Police Department is responsible for reviewing all violations to determine if a citation and fine will be issued. 

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Nine intersections throughout Suffolk will be outfitted with red light enforcement cameras installed. Traffic enforcement signage will be visible to drivers.

A 30-day warning period will be in effect before cameras go live later this spring.  During the warning period, violators will receive a cautionary letter mailed to their residence. After the warning period, violators will receive a $50 fine.  

School Zone speed enforcement cameras and school bus stop-arm enforcement cameras are scheduled to go live for the start of the 2024 school year. Motorists speeding in a school zone during designated school hours or illegally passing a school bus may receive a citation and fine. 

Cameras are currently being installed and motorists can expect a warning letter if caught before they go live this fall. Violators speeding through a school zone will receive a $100 fine, according to the release. Violators passing a stopped school bus will receive a $250 fine.

“Keeping our students, staff, and community safe is the top priority of Suffolk Public Schools,” Suffolk Superintendent Dr. John Gordon III said. “This added layer of technology will serve as an additional reminder to all motorists to slow down while traveling through a school zone and to stop for the school bus.”

Work Zone speed enforcement cameras are expected to be deployed this month.  These mobile cameras will be moved throughout work zones across the city.  Violators speeding in a work zone will receive a $100 fine.   

“We are excited to deploy this technology in our city as an effort to continue to keep our citizens and visitors safe,” Suffolk Chief of Police Alfred Chandler said. “Properly enforcing speeding and traffic safety is of significant importance for the Suffolk Police Department and using tools like this will allow us to catch real-time offenders in hopes that they slow down. These cameras can literally save lives.” 

The notice of violation will be mailed in an official City of Suffolk envelope which will contain information related to the offense (date, location, etc.) as well as an internet link to view a video of the violation. Violators have 30 days to pay or appeal in court.

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