Column – A closer look is needed for judges, locally and nationally

Published 4:37 pm Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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The American justice system has failed due to the lack of integrity among the magistrates and lawyers who prioritize serving mammon over the justice of natural law. 

The sincerity of the situation is that the rule of law is the confinements of the civil society and they must be honorable to work; but rather they are run as a good ole boys club or a donor’s favor list. While friendships are honorable, recent journalistic scrutiny of the close relationship between billionaire Harlan Crow and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas raises questions about the ethics of Supreme Court judges. 

However, our focus, here in the Hampton Roads, should be on the local magistrates and elected officials who represent our communities.

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In 2021, a George Soros-funded District Attorney named Ramin Fatehi was elected in Norfolk. Fatehi operates under Soros’s influence, who is part of a group of oligarchical warlords with the goal of shaping the wealth of nations to suit their image for world domination. Their aim is to potentially hand over sovereignty policy to the United Nations and policy influence the World Economic Forum, which have insinuated an allegiance to the eugenics philosophy proposed by Julian Huxley and his writing called UNESCO. This usurpation of power means that for anyone in the community who wants to hold a leadership office, they will have to embrace the intellectual power shift. 

The consequence of this shift is the rejection of individual freedom and the embrace of a one-world government controlled by a select few who hold the keys to the future industrial revolutions.

According to Harvard historian Dr. Carroll Quigley, the downfall of American liberty is due to the liberal destroying the sustainable structure of the community for the sake of the individual, and the conservative destroying the government for the sake of the individual. As a result, the political power of America will fall into the private corporate hands of an oligarchic structure of elites playing the world as a chess game.

To regain the American ideal, the first step is to remove law officers who see the independence of America as a hindering objection to obtaining world government.

American leaders must focus on building sustainable communities that prioritize individual liberties. Ultimately, it is up to the people of diverse communities to hold their judges and elected officials accountable to ensure that justice is served. 


Drew Varner researcher and writer who resides in Suffolk.