Land Transfers for May 12-18

Published 4:45 pm Friday, June 2, 2023

Bank of New York Mellon to Erkan Turkmen; 1604 Freeney Avenue; $79,800

Jay R. Enterprise LLC to City of Suffolk; 506 Pitchkettle Road; $120,000

Chad Douglas Herron to Jose Carranza; 116 Elmington Way; $320,000


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Charles William Smith Heir to Juan H. Canizalez Rosa; 2724 N. Nansemond Drive; $275,000

William J. Boyd to Gerald E. Reason Jr.; 610 Lakeside Drive; $225,000

Gees Group Partners LLC to Harbour View Suffolk Hotel LLC; $1,450,000

James D. Barton to Michael A. Wilson; 3049 Bay Shore Lane; $380,000

Reinaldo Melendez Veguilla to Doris Jean Wilder; 1805 Union Pacific Way; $300,000

Lions 73 LLC II to Teresa Verser; 1770 Bleakhorn Road; $454,250

Christian J. Kalisek to Chritopher Michael Neef; 3604 Traverse Circle; $360,000

Paramount Investments LLC to Elana Eva White; 309 Silver Poplar Court; $429,900

Kathleen Rumely Rodriguez to Kathleen Rumely Rodriguez; 5306 Marsh Landing Lane; $1

SB Contractor LLC to Maria M. Suarez; 1204 Clarys Drive; $54,100

Gary A. Maxwell to Kyle W. Smith; 8353 Pineview Road; $482,000

Neil C. Sandall AKA to Oshay Lee Norfleet; 207 North Broad Street; $237,947

Brittany Brown to RSL Homes LLC; 500 Osceola Avenue; $196,400

Robert D. Kennedy to 117 Park Road LLC; 117 Park Road; $250,000

D & D Adventures LLC to City of Suffolk; 604 Pitchkettle Road; $120,000

Rachel Riley to Shatner Spain; 425 Culloden Street; $256,500

Penny H. Pfeil Revocable Trust to Eric J. Walbery; 1113 Pine Valley Drive; $610,000

Eugene Johnson to Gregory A. Pesich; 117 Creek Lane; $615,000

Paramount Investments LLC to Austin P. Giltner; 409 Collier Crescent; $266,000

Dawson L. Lawhon to Ashley M. Murphy Shaw; 1728 Martin Road; $415,000

Michael Patrick Williams Jr. to Toureia Harrison; 2088 Piedmont Road; $490,000

Kimberly M. Horton to Freddy Gipson; 1314 Lawson Circle; $265,000

William M. Brooks Jr to Jonathan Norris II; 140 Mallard Drive; $290,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Donald G. Thomas; 105 Honor Lane; $372,690

Caren Bueshi to Rhonda Russell; 106 Pitchkettle Point Drive; $489,900

John R. Broderick to Mark Mariglia; 9165 Wigneil Street; $729,900

Ian Hunter Slagle to Kamlesh Ramesh Shah; 4116 River Park Drive; $275,000

319 325 Pinner Street LLC to JaJuan Brydie; 321 Pinner Street; $280,000

Adam C. McCoy to Moniqua Balka Maxie; 3727 Indian Trail; $435,000

Lisa Irene McCartney to Robert E. Gillette; 10550 Ellis Road; $21,900

NVR Inc. to Bryan Wells; 86 Clara Court; $294,990

Danny Meeks to Satisfied Home Builders LLC; 307 Sheryl Lynn Court; $335,000

Betty Kelly Odom AKA to Joshua R. Sipes; 200 Mulberry Lane; $310,000

RiverClub VA LLC to Latisha Marie Thomas; 304 Wales Lane; $618,440

Ronald D. March to Vincent John Delvecchio; 407 Haverhill Court; $460,000

Brandon T. Huffman to Kristie M. Miller; 1376 Wilroy Road; $225,000

Laveille Properties LLC to Simon S. Cuvas; 321 Hill Street; $285,000

James E. Cofield AKA to Kevin F. Jensen; 1204 Truman Road; $220,000

Blayne Martz to Jonathan Howard; 2158 Redgate Drive; $440,000

Kinmik LLC to Dominique Fitchett; 109 South Division Street; $294,000

David A. Darden Jr. to Kathryn Gayle Dietz; 916 Vineyard Place; $365,000

Cameron Blake Lindemann to Norven Joe Charles; 129 Blessing Circle; $450,000

John R. Doussard Jr. to Dharmesh Patel; 2000 Augusta Court; $373,000

NVR Inc. to Shana Jones; 1215 Gunboat Drive; $491,685

Riverclub VA LLC to Abraham K. Asmah; 204 Shelby Court; $680,947

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Randall H. White; Lot 43 West Jericho; $22,100

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Clearview Homes VA LLC; Lots 9 and 10 Rogers Tract B W Godwin Plat; $35,300

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Hastings and Sons LLC; 7364 Holy Neck Road; $35,900

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to BC Branch Enterprises; Lot 11 Block C Third Avenue; $13,300

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Micah H. Peters; Lot 16 Block 1 Saratoga; $5,600

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to T&C Capital; Lot 1 Block I Lloyd Place; $11,200

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Hugh H. Dilgard; Lot 1 Block F Lloyd Place; $15,500

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Ahmed Harmache; Lot 29 Block 2 North Jericho; $5,600

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Reginald M. Beckett; 604 Clarys Drive; $15,100

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Micah H. Peters; Lot 139 Boston McKinley Avenue; $19,900

NRGC Development LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC; 182 Norfleet Lane; $496,000

Brothers Rental Properties LLC to Thomas Bowman LLC; 201 Bute Street; $95,000

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Lake Meade VA LLC; 104 Abbey Road; $228,000

Crystal Jackson to Heidi S. Waddell; 5107 Summer Garden Place; $864,900

Henry N. Nelson to Elijah Crawford; 1009 Nicklaus Drive; $292,600

Dexter J. Mitchell to City of Suffolk; 714 Pitchkettle Road; $230,000

David M. Kinard to Austin Lehman; 3017 Providence Road; $295,000

Edwin Mack to Joi E. Battle; 6208 Harewood Lane; $375,000