Column – Sunday brings time to recognize importance of fathers

Published 8:44 pm Friday, June 16, 2023

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The third Sunday in June is the time to celebrate fathers. On the second Sunday in May, moms got a lot of attention, cards, visits, flowers and maybe chocolates. 

Now it is time to celebrate our dads. We know we would not be here without a mom, but neither would we be here without the man who fathered us.

A gift for fathers might be a tool or some new technical device. That is just one way we know dads are different from moms. 

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When I think of the human creation it is very obvious God had a special purpose and design in mind for each person born. There is often little we can compare, but I think it was God’s intent that a man and a woman would need to learn how to become “one,” especially when it comes to having children and a family. 

The child needs both a mom and a father in the home. God’s creation has been that from the beginning. for each of the first two humans made in His image. No two people are just alike. 

Let’s rejoice today in fatherhood as God planned it. 

First, the man was stronger than the woman. God put the man in charge of all that He had made. That presupposes he would be the leader. Let’s not forget he took the woman from a place near the heart of the man, from a rib. That should teach us God’s desire was that a man was to love a woman, not treat her with wrong intentions. 

What lessons can we learn about the fathers in the Bible? We find in the scripture stories of many men who must have had some direction from their fathers. Lamech’s three sons were multi-talented. One became a tent dweller, a second son became a musician and a third became an iron forger. Joseph was a very loved son but a very mistreated brother. He is credited with rescuing the family in a time of serious famine. Kindness must have been something he learned from his father who sent him to check on his brothers. Abraham was fatherless when he cared for his nephew. Caring for relatives was a characteristic in his life and in the life of other Bible characters. No family or children are mentioned when we study the life of some prophets, but Elisha called Elijah his “father.” That tells us older men can help provide guidance to young men.

Sadly, in today’s culture there are many children who have not had the opportunity to know their fathers. How do we respond to that? Our wonderful God of love knew His creation would make wrong choices and choices have consequences.   Women want and need attention and are easily charmed. They may fall for a man with low standards, someone who had no intention to take a wife. These men did not understand the purity of love as God planned it, did not want the responsibility of a family. 

The idea of home life was not appealing and the relationship broke up, sadly often repeated with another woman. Those ruined lives of women had to find other ways to cope. 

What about the children? Who is a father they can count on? Thankfully we have a wonderful promise in the scripture. God has promised to be a “Father to the fatherless.” 

Psalm 68 says “Sing to God, sing praises to His name…A father to the fatherless and a judge for the widows… is God who makes a home for the lonely…only the rebellious dwell in a parched land…The Lord gives the command, the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host…” 

Single moms can find strength and guidance in God’s word. Proverbs will help them learn how to train the children in the right ways of life.

There is blessing for fathers and God will perform what He promised to women and children who trust Him when there is no father in the home. What a gracious  God is ours and how we can thank Him today for His blessings!


Myrtle V. Thompson is 95, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She is a writer and an author of books on Amazon, and continues in church ministry.