IV Nutrition holds grand opening in Bridgeport Mixed-Use Development

Published 6:38 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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IV Nutrition, a leading provider of intravenous nutrient therapies, announced the grand opening of its newest location in Suffolk’s Bridgeport Mixed-Use Development. 

The grand opening ceremony takes place at 2:30 p.m. Friday, July 14, at 1301 Bridgeport Way, Suite 110. 

Mayor Mike  Duman is attending. The grand opening is open to the local community. There will be deep discounts throughout the weekend, along with food, beverages and celebration, according to a Yes Suffolk news release.

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IV Nutrition is an IV nutrient and hydration therapy clinic. IV Nutrition creates a space where individuals can receive the highest quality, naturally sourced vitamins and nutrients available directly to their bloodstream. 

IV Nutrition helps its clients recover from anything from dehydration to immune challenges, supports athletic recovery and chronic health challenges like fatigue, weight gain and inflammation. Qualified healthcare professionals, ensuring safe and effective delivery of the nutrients, administer the treatments.

 “We are here to make you feel better, every moment of every day, no matter what stage you are currently at in your health and wellness journey,” said Ben Morter, co-owner of IV Nutrition. “We take great pride in being able to provide the highest quality nutrients and client experience to our community.”

Co-owner Andrea Morter said they are so excited to be able to offer a place for people to unwind, relax and reset to feel their best. “Self-care can be tough to prioritize in today’s busy world, but knowing that you are creating true longevity for yourself and the energy and well-being to care for your family via the right support for your body is worth the time and investment,” she said.

IV Nutrition business partner Greg Garrett said they are passionate about nutrients, explaining that they work to make people become healthier, feel better, live longer or look better.

“I’m so proud of our co-owners, Ben and Andrea Morter, because they are pouring their life into this new venture with the goal of helping thousands of our neighbors.” 

The grand opening of IV Nutrition in Bridgeport Mixed Use Development is an exciting milestone for both the company and the Suffolk community. IV Nutrition invites all residents, healthcare professionals, and local business leaders to attend the event and learn more about the significant benefits of intravenous nutrient therapies. Find them online at: ivnutritionnow.com/suffolk/.