Information warfare is the new battlefield facing the U.S.

Published 2:19 pm Friday, July 14, 2023

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By Drew Varner

With the Fourth of July now behind us, it is crucial to reflect on the significance of our independence and sovereignty. Safeguarding our liberties is a responsibility we must uphold, as America faces psychological attacks on multiple fronts. 

We find ourselves amidst what experts refer to as fifth generation warfare, specifically information warfare. Distinguished researchers from Virginia, Drs. Jill and Robert Malone, are diligently studying and documenting this fifth Generation Warfare in their forthcoming book titled “PsyWars: The 21st Century Battlefield.”

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According to the Malones, fifth-gen warfare builds upon strategies and tactics of asymmetric and insurgent warfare, integrating both conventional and unconventional military methods, including the exploitation of political, religious, and social causes. This modern form of warfare leverages the internet, social media and the 24-hour news cycle to manipulate the cognitive biases of individuals and organizations. It can be conducted by various groups, organized or decentralized, and led by nation states, non-state actors, organizations, NGOs, or even individuals. An essential characteristic of fifth gen warfare is its concealed nature, aiming to disrupt and defeat opponents by instilling new cognitive biases.

This style of warfare employs a combination of truth and falsehood to achieve a particular outcome—propaganda. The intention is to use falsehoods to persuade and weaponize the American mind, aligning it with the agenda of those in control. Presently, this psychological warfare permeates various aspects of American society, including schools, social media, television, mainstream media,and involves foreign agents, pseudo statesmen, federal government agencies and wealthy individuals.

It is our duty to resist this psychological warfare and safeguard the minds of our children from being weaponized. Today’s warfare differs significantly from conflicts of the past, and we should not expect it to conform to traditional notions. A larger conflict looms over America, and we are not the only militarily powerful nation in the world. China, in particular, has expanded its influence into our vicinity, seeking our land, resources and economy. In a speech to the Chinese Communist Party in 2003, retired People’s Liberation Army General and former Minister of National Defense Chi Haotian revealed China’s long-term strategy of colonizing America, rather than destroying it. He also proclaimed the Chinese as the superior race. Although the CIA’s Chinese pivot under President Obama shifted intelligence operations to focus on Asia, it raises questions about whether it was enacted in time. This issue is crucial for our state’s survival.

It is important to note that this is not a matter of Republican or Democraic debate; it is a national security concern. The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated America with their psyop operatives and exert influence over certain statesmen, whom they utilize as puppets in the information war. Vigilance and critical thinking are vital in questioning prevailing narratives. It is also worth keeping a watchful eye on the Suffolk community as well, because the fight for our sovereignty will end within the community itself. 


Drew Varner researcher and writer who resides in Suffolk.