Land Transfers for June 30 – July 6

Published 5:01 pm Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Matthew Pasko to Kevin C. Danese; 6741 Burbage Lake Circle: $400,000

NVR Inc. to Chelsea Chapman; 19 Clara Court; $305,680

Morgan McCoy Coartney to Jeffrey Charles LaCombe; 9075 River Crescent; $612,000

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Matthew James Pistritto to Alexander Hiller; 6414 Wet Marsh Court; $405,000

Joanne Elizabeth Pearl to Jerry F. Edmonds Revocable Living; 121 Beacon Run; $522,000

Steven Harrison Johnson to Robert Lee Hanline Jr.; 104 Rosewood Drive; $278,900

Natalie J. Hatcher to Morgan Michael Enterprises LLC; 764 Greenway Road; $187,369

Sasser Construction LC to Darrell Lee Mathis; 231 Wentworth Court; $909,700

Dawn Hester to Gloria Ashley Glover; 2226 Humphreys Drive; $290,500

Timothy Fisher to Elizabeth R. Titus; 2028 Kilby Lane; $250,000

Ian Slagle to Joshua D. Higgins; 2400 Alder Place; $499,000

Veronica Duncan to William Roseberry II; 2456 Meadows Brook Trail; $265,000

Velma Sharpe to Victoria A. Keller; 2704 South Nansemond Drive; $205,000

GS & JD Enterprises LLC to Roderick Wilson; 441 Little Fork Road; $485,929

Planters Station LLC to Leanna Rose Labrecque; 241 McCormick Drive; $430,000

Kelsie N. Parker to Cory Q. Wagner; 106 Mallard Drive; $306,000

Lake Meade Va. LLC to Laymoun Ferguson; 127 Abbey Road; $657,763

WH Chesapeake LLC to Avori N. Barber; 1214 Mount Horeb Street; $321,770

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Toney O. Hunt; 225 Creek Front Lane; $520,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Ashley Serjilus; 185 Peck Lane; $457,755

Camilo A. Casallas Avila to Matthew M. Bivens; 116 South Capital Street; $205,000

NVR Inc. to Jose Francisco Quinones; 1216 GunBoat Drive; $369,990

Craft Electric to Cameron X. Richardson; 1513 Griggs Street; $200,000

Iron Trust Real Estate LLC to GS&JD Enterprises; 3085 Carolina Road; $139,900

Black Tip Associates LLC to Leon A. Mercer; 6377 Old TownPoint Road; $329,900

William Paul Buckner to Khampasong Somsouthi; 2556 Golden Maple Drive; $395,000

Daryl L. Murray to Johannes A Peeters; 3012 Whaleyville Boulevard; $345,000

Deep Freedom LLC to Richard P. Smith III; 7125 Gates Road; $260,000

Angela White Smith to Beech Cove Builders LLC; Lot 6 Block 0 Lloyd Place; $25,000

David Russell to Jordon Weare; 712 Jones Street; $715,000

Diana L. Reviello to Joshua Cosden; 385 Babbtown Road; $572,000

Kyle Bryan to Zach D. Ingle; 121 Kristen Lane; $305,000

Amanda Trussell to Channel A. Nova; 310 Strata Court; $283,500

Deniee Joyner to Carol L. Brown; 221 Woodrow Avenue; $210,000

Outstanding Homes Inc to Levi Verdell III; 501 South Broad Street; $330,000

Ale Nation LLC to Destiny Selvey; 1235 White Marsh Road; $248,000

W Jermaine Crosland to Louis Steele Jr.; 6112 Walkers Ferry Lane; $865,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Mitez Fuller; 649 3rd Avenue; $242,999

Ted Carter Manning III to Shawn T. McVey; 204 Chenango Crescent; $355,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Rudolph Skinner Jr.; 205 Charlotte Avenue; $55,125

Benjamin T. Cook to Raiford Donovan Clemons Jr.; 1103 Driver Pointe Court; $502,500

Chance Deon Brown to Bryan McNeal; 1120 White Herons Lane; $555,000

Robert A. Ratcliff to Jesse Butler; 5631 Bennetts Pasture Road; $275,000

Jesse Ponder to Shina L. Donaldson; 1804 Nansemond Parkway; $157,000

Bruce Jones to Tier 1 Investments LLC; 316 Goodman Street; $60,000

REO Trust 2021 NR1 to Alberto Martinez Negrete; 4756 Desert Road; $74,000

Maurice L. Kay to James Cole; 6411 Aberdeen Place; $455,000

Emari J. Ready to Bryan D Massey; 104 Massey Drive; $470,000

Harriet D. Washington to Gyanna Renne; 909 Lincoln Avenue; $297,000

Renee Hall to Jerry Malone Jr.; 6729 Hampton Roads Parkway Unit D; $274,900

Planters Station LLC to Brendan M. Davis; 104 Tassell Crescent; $463,175

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Carmelina Andreoli; 3213 Gardenia Court; $675,000

Rebecca F. Pancho to Amanda C. Ackiss; 6710 Burbage Lake Circle; $430,000

Seth Baldwin Brock AKA to Luther D. Roland; 301 King Court; $352,000

Nathan J. Hazell to Matthew Harley Freeman; 210 South Broad Street; $400,000

Dennis J. Lewis to Wells Fargo Bank TR ETC; 210 Jonathans Way; $343,299