Letter – A word of caution as school starts at Killby Shores

Published 4:51 pm Friday, September 1, 2023

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Classes will soon begin at Kilby Shores Elementary. This school is situated at the corner of Kilby Shores Drive and Turlington Road. These two roads form part of a traffic-congested intersection that includes those two and Holland Road, Route 58 Bypass, and Route 13 Bypass.

The intersection merges vehicles from those major highways with those driven by residents from the communities of Kilby Shores, Dogwood Estates, Hunt Club Pointe, Turlington Park Community, Brewers Meadow, Meadows Landing, Bethlehem Court, and others who live on Turlington. A driver heading north who wants to access Route 58 needs to be in the left hand lane of Kilby Shores Dr. to exit onto Holland Rd. With this lane often backed up, drivers are inclined to turn right on Holland and risk a quick U-turn to get in line for Route 58.

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The congestion takes a different turn, increasing the possibility of accidents when cars line up in the right-hand lane on Kilby Shores Dr. and the shoulder of Turlington Rd. to pick up children after school. The safety of children, teachers, and residents calls for sharper driver attention, greater patience, and calm at all times, but especially during school hours.

Ed Kapinus