Letter – Residents should be appalled with Riddick’s actions, comments

Published 5:23 pm Friday, September 8, 2023

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As a long-standing Suffolk citizen, I write to you today to decry the July school board meeting decision that totally disregarded two board members’ evaluations of the superintendent. 

After having watched the meeting online and listening to the school board chair, Tyrone Riddick, encourage and allow the complete dismissal of the Holy Neck and Chuckatuck representative evaluations, it is my opinion that a great travesty occurred. 

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Voters should watch the July 13 meeting on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdJ09EorJY0, starting at the 3:35:00 time stamp.

Is this how we want the public’s business to be conducted on the school board for this district? Are the voters in these boroughs and throughout the city in favor of allowing the board chair to discriminate against board members? Constituents of Holy Neck and Chuckatuck, are you okay with the disregarding of your representatives’ input? 

If you do not find this behavior or choice acceptable then please call the school administrative office and speak directly to the board chair or email him at tyronriddick@spsk12.net. Inform him of how dissatisfied you are with his decision and conduct towards your board representatives. 

Additionally, I would encourage you to call or email the school administration office and speak board clerk Tarshia Gardner, either by phone at 757-925-6752 or email at TarshiaGardner@spsk12.net, to sign up to be a non-agenda speaker at the next board meeting. 

It is time to fix the internal workings of this blatantly toxic and functionally backward-narrative-driven debacle. We the people will no longer idly stand by and watch things run amuck in behaviors, political narratives, personal agendas, backroom decision-making and outright defiance of what the constituents have voted their elected officials to do. 

Voters want the school district to be fiscally overseen with due diligence, and students along with educators placed in the forefront of what should be the district’s number one priorities, student achievement, greater support of educators and school safety.

Rita Davidson