Letter – Traffic camera deployment working to protect children

Published 4:53 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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I think the city has done an amazing job with the new addition of the traffic cameras. Over the years there have been numerous deaths caused by speeding and drivers running red lights. Speeding has always been a major issue on the highways, residential areas, and school zones. 

Among the several locations where these cameras have been installed, the best choice to put them were in the school zone areas especially with the outstanding number of children deaths. It is important for drivers to be aware of speed limits within the school zone and stopping when a bus is stopped. Thinking back to when the young lady was hit on her way to school in Norfolk should be another reason these cameras should have some impact on drivers to let them know they cannot get away with running a red light. 

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As a mother with small children, not only do I have concerns about highway safety, but in our neighborhoods as well. Children are not safe when they play outside due to those who speed through these small neighborhoods. It was an excellent choice for the city to review highway safety and do something about it. 

Since warning citations are being mailed out, I hope drivers will open their eyes and realize that speeding will not only hurt drivers but their pockets as well with the violation fees.

I am thankful the city has decided to do something to help reduce the number of deaths caused by those who speed. 

Natasha Norfleet