Column – Society needs to realize our children are listening

Published 3:32 pm Friday, September 15, 2023

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We will soon be in 2023’s ninth month. Just 23 years ago we entered the first hundred years of a new millennium with excitement — our first in 2000 A.D. — Anno Domini- the “year of our Lord” accounting. 

Millennium means a thousand years. Even the youngest people alive today may not be around when the second hundred years dawns for our grand- and great-grandchildren. Even now, just 23 years later, I am looking back and wondering what happened that has so dramatically changed all our lives, our country and our world. What are we leaving behind for them? 

I am one of those who remembers the way things were before COVID-19 knocked us down. We had had a somewhat peaceful few years until we became a part 

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of  the “masked generation” debut. We were encouraged by our leaders to obey what they said. But like the giant slide in the “Fun House” at the beach resort near where I grew up, it was the beginning of our slide down a slippery slope with almost nothing to hold onto. Once down the slide, we found it difficult to climb back up. 

Someone gave me a T-shirt with this reminder printed on it: “Normal is not coming back but Jesus is.” How thankful I am that Jesus left us with that promise. We can read what He said in the Bible, John 14. Some call it “the blessed hope.”  If I did not have that hope I would be “fearful” — full of fear. 

I am seeing changes I never would have imagined. Some readers often consider the elderly “out of touch.” 

I know life does not stand still and have always found it good to get or give advice. The pathway of life is always expected to move forward, but perhaps more slowly than it has in the past few years. 

When I hear the proposals of my government and its allies, I see deep gorges in the road up ahead. We have mostly become used to having. The credit card blocks our view of how much we should spend. Some people, even businesses, have been accused of taking advantage of others. 

We hear the news but no longer trust what is written or told us, whether it is truth or fiction. Accusations and ugly words are being thrown around everywhere and by so many people. Our young children are listening. They are influenced by a society where civility is in short supply. Those watching TV can see it.

Is there no hope for our nation? For our children? Yes, but it has to come from God, Bible teaching and committed Bible teachers and preachers. 

We still have access to all of God’s promises. He is still God, the Almighty Creator, willing to hear our prayers when we repent and surrender our lives to Him.  Let’s take advantage of what He has promised and do that.


Myrtle V. Thompson, ret. TEAM, Wheaton, IL missionary, writer, author, (books on Amazon) and still busy in Christian ministry at age 95.