State Senate District 17 – Emily Brewer

Published 12:14 pm Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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The Suffolk News-Herald sent the same questions to Emily Brewer and Clinton Jenkins. Below is Brewer’s response, Click here to read Jenkins’s.

Name: Emily Brewer

Age: 39

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Occupation: Small Business Owner

Prior elected offices held: Virginia House of Delegates, 2018-Current


Can you briefly summarize why you decided to run for the 17th District?

I spent my life growing up in Western Tidewater and now my family lives in Windsor. The 17th District has always been home to me, and I want to continue my service to the community I love. The Virginia Senate needs Conservative leadership, not obstinate opposition. We must break down Louise Lucas’s Brick Wall in the Senate. Delivering results, not shouting without a plan is key. I am running to take back the Virginia Senate and create a Republican majority to assist Governor Youngkin in our shared vision to make Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family. The inflation and out of control spending has made that dream harder for many families in our area. It’s time to get back on track by cutting taxes, cutting regulations that make it harder on farmers and small businesses, and with my experience, I will be able to hit the ground on Day 1 to deliver for our communities.  

Who is your political role model? Why?

I don’t have a political role model in present day, but I certainly have always looked up to the leadership of President Ronald Reagan. One of his quotes guides me even today, “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit”.  

What change, if any, to state law would you like to see in the wake of last year’s overturning of Roe v. Wade?

I am adopted, and I wouldn’t be here if someone didn’t choose life. It has been part of my guiding principle to work towards encouraging adoption over abortion, and reforming the foster care system. I am proud to be Pro-Life, and I have voted this year and in years past in an effort to stand up for the value and promise that life brings, which includes eliminating taxpayer funded abortions. I also voted proudly to support the Born Alive Act, and stood up on the House to speak against Virginia Democrats attempt to enshrine abortion in the Virginia Constitution for all 40 weeks.  

Should school personnel be required to use transgender students’ preferred names, and pronouns and/or not reveal their gender identity to their parents? Why or why not?

Parents are the decision makers for their children, not school personnel. The government is NOT a co-parent and should not be acting as such. We cannot allow school personnel to be making these types of decisions, nor should they be concealing ANY information from parents.  

Do you agree with Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order banning “divisive concepts, including Critical Race Theory” from public schools? Why or why not?

Yes. Teaching kids that their starting line starts 50 yards back or 50 yards ahead because of the color of their skin, or where they grew up is simply not fair — especially when we should encourage and want every child to learn in an environment where they can KNOW their future and success is unlimited as long as they put in hard work as part of their recipe for success. Schools should be a place where our kids can learn and grow; not have divisive ideology shoved in front of them at every turn that tells them they are inferior in any way to their peers.  

What more can Virginia do to prevent mass shootings?

Virginia needs to continue to offer more mental health services to our students, teachers, staff, and citizens. School safety is also very important. In 2023, I carried a bill to make it easier for K-9 Detection Teams to contract with local school divisions. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats killed this piece of legislation that was an innovative solution that would allow K-9s to be able to detect guns, drugs and vapes in schools.

Should all counties have the option of raising their local sales tax rates by 1% by voter referendum to fund school construction projects? Why or why not?

Just like elections, the voters should get to decide. Ballot referendums for localities give the power to the people.  

Should the state get involved in stemming or encouraging the proliferation of solar farms in rural counties?

There are several concerns raised about the end life of panels, disposal and the acreage of agricultural land being depleted, which should be a concern for all in our rural counties and cities. Especially in Western Tidewater, we must have certainty to know that our soil is healthy and usable. I think for existing projects, there must be a plan on record for disposal of panels to protect our land.  

What is one issue where you disagree with your political party’s national stance?

I do not hear enough from federal Republicans on encouraging a Balanced Budget Amendment. Our federal debt and spending is out of control. I would like to see more people discuss that on the national level. Virginia’s Constitution requires us to balance our budget, Congress should do the same.  

How should retail marijuana sales be implemented, or should the 2021 legalization be overturned?

When Democrats in Virginia had the House, Senate and Governorship, they passed legislation to create a new agency to start this process already, however they didn’t put all the pieces in place – which left Republicans in the House having to deal with the black market their actions created. We must protect Virginians, especially children, from accessing harmful products that are out there on the black market that are labeled similarly to items like Fruit Loops or Cheetos. I voted this year to crackdown on these illegal items.