Explosive find, live grenade found in Suffolk home

Published 7:36 pm Monday, November 6, 2023

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Stumbling upon unique items is not uncommon, but one Suffolk family found something they never thought they would find in their home of eight years.

Bekki Hockman’s husband, Daniel, was looking for some paperwork in the attic of their home when Daniel discovered a grenade inside an old green file cabinet that the previous residents had left when a cardboard canister slid to the front. Inside, Daniel found what experts say was a World War II MK2 pineapple-style grenade.

“My husband was looking for some paperwork we needed,” Bekki Said. “This old metal green filing cabinet has been in the attic since we bought the house, and he was like, ‘I don’t think I put it in there, but I’m gonna check.”

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After opening the cabinet, Daniel came downstairs to tell Bekki what he had found. 

“He comes walking downstairs and has this cardboard canister in his hand,” she said. “He has this really weird look on his face and said, ‘It’s a grenade.’”

Once Suffolk Fire and Rescue arrived at the home, they determined the pin was still intact and called in the Virginia State Patrol, which handles explosive removal.

Over the years, Bekki says they have had people visit and sleep in that part of the home, so the thought of all the people who have been in that room next to that file cabinet ran through her mind.

“We’re turning that part of the attic into another bedroom, and it’s not finished yet,” she said. “But, we used it when people visited from out of town, and I’m thinking to myself, my stepdaughter and my brother both have slept up there, and they were 10 feet from that cabinet. It was a little unnerving.”