Column – Why the border crisis matters to you

Published 5:51 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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While millions of Americans are distracted by the Israel conflict, we have millions of military-aged men coming across our southern border, and the mainstream media turns a blind eye. Why?

This is not merely a Texas, Arizona, and California issue. It’s a concern for all Americans. Gov. Youngkin has taken the step of deploying National Guard troops to the border because individuals are entering our communities, potentially acting as sleeper cells on missions. A notable incident involved South American gangs attacking a family in Michigan, which was traced back to the southern border. This could happen to any family, and the situation is only growing more critical and strategic.

The Sheriff of Arizona has reported discovering hundreds of identification cards belonging to potential agents from around the world, discarded at the border as they assume new identities within our borders. The sheriffs are left to handle this situation without federal assistance.

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While our federal government, democrat and Republican, destroys the name of America overseas with the alliance of the dystopia known as globalization and the green colonization by the U.N., let’s not forget that we always were independent until we started playing with Europe again after WW1. It’s time to pull back the guards and think of our nation’s security first, especially when there are foreign alliances at our southern border; the Russian military and Chinese military participated in Mexicos military parade on Sept. 16, 2023. This is not a coincidence.

America must secure the nation’s borders and stay out of other countries’ business militarily; the fabric of our nation’s cloth was never globalization. It was cut from the cloth of Independence and Liberty. We must always keep that torch lit and not be provoked into conflict.