Column – U.N. insinuating replacement migration policies in the Commonwealth

Published 6:22 pm Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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Gov. Glenn Youngkin declared in a recent news release that “The ongoing border crisis facing our nation has turned every state into a border state.” This comes as no surprise; hence, the United Nations policy papers predicted or guided this crisis. Referring specifically to the strategic partnership between the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (U.N.) and centered around the global policy publication called the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, one can concur that it involves strategies using the 20-year-old philosophy known as “replacement migration.” The tactics to force migrants into regions and nations of choice as “agents of change and enablers for development in countries of origin, transit and destination” are documented in the U.N.-funded report called Migration in the 2030 Agenda, put forward by the U.N. migration agency, detailing the specific agenda for the “Diasporas”; claiming that the migrants will act “in accordance with the beneficiary of the ends of sustainable development (e.g. through greater protections, rights and transparency). “

 Within the U.N. 2030 agenda are policy implications that specifically focus on the means of disarming nation-states of their sovereignty for global climate change policies. However, there are several alarm-raising sovereignty issues within the framework because America is Independent and does not adhere to foreign entities but adheres only to the American people as power and decision-makers. One discrepancy to the sovereignty of the United States can be found in article 46 of the U.N. 2030 Agenda, which it declares that “while stressing the importance of strengthened national ownership and leadership … we express our support for the ongoing dialogue in the economic and social council on the long-term positioning of the U.N. development system in the context of this agenda”; therefore, declaring that the dialogue for long-term will be United Nations control over “economic growth and social direction.” 

 As many migrant centers are already active across the nation of America, be prepared to see many more open closer to home, especially in C40 cities, as seen in June of this year in our nation’s capital of D.C. This change in migration comes from the Biden Administration ending of Title 42 admission, that held migrants in Mexico while they waited for entrance. Now, they are lawfully given passage into the nation, for which foreign entities can exploit this free entry. 

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The U.N. World Migration Report 2022 declared that America was the leading nation in the world with the most immigration in the past 50 years, all insinuated by our federal government, did your Politicians explain the long-term effect this issue will have on U.S. sovereignty? Especially when these “Diasporas” align themselves with the U.N. Agenda of globalization once they are positioned in American society.


Drew Varner holds a Master of Arts in Public Policy from Liberty University and is a researcher and writer residing in Suffolk Va.