Cheer Fund and Salvation Army’s mission for Suffolk’s children

Published 6:07 pm Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The Cheer Fund and the Salvation Army have a long-standing tradition of working to bring underprivileged children in Suffolk the Christmas they otherwise would not have. 

One-half of the husband and wife leadership duo with Suffolk Corp of the Salvation Army, Capt. Kelsey Meredith credits the Cheer Fund with allowing them to do as much as they can because of the generosity of the partners and community.

“I am just so grateful that there’s so many amazing partners and community members that come together to give towards this fund so that it can help benefit the children in our community,” Meredith said. “Without that program, We wouldn’t be able to do as much as we get to do for those families that aren’t community. So it is truly appreciated and a wonderful, wonderful program that has been going on for so many years. That made a huge impact in our community.”


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Meredith, who is serving her second tour with the Salvation Army here in Suffolk, said she also appreciates all the families and companies that have made giving to the Cheer Fund a tradition each year.

“I think it’s fabulous that there are people out there that do this every year as a tradition,” she said. “You know, a family tradition, a company tradition, it is a wonderful thing, and I’m very appreciative of it.”

Meredith, who joined the Salvation Army in 2010, says she has always been drawn to the Angel Tree program because of the way it helps families during the holiday season.

“When families come and sign up, you get to hear a little bit about their story,” she said. “You may not know anything about them until they walk through your door. And when you get to sit down with them face to face and hear what’s going on in their life. You get to see that they are struggling in a lot of different ways, maybe more than they even share. So, when you get to know them, and you have that face-to-face conversation with them, you just get to offer some hope for them saying, you know, ‘hey, this Christmas, you’re going to be able to provide Christmas gifts. Maybe last year you weren’t, but this year, you will get to,’ That just makes your day, and I feel like I’m able to give back when we do this program because it really does meet the needs for those families that are you know, going through hard times.”

Please send your donation payable to the Suffolk Cheer Fund to:

Suffolk Cheer Fund

c/o Margie Wiley

P.O. Box 1411

Suffolk, VA 23439

You may also stop by Ferguson Rawls & Raines, 332 W. Constance Road, Suffolk, VA 23434. Please call 757-539-2400 before bringing your check, or stop by the Suffolk News-Herald at 157 N. Main St. in downtown Suffolk or on our website, With permission, a photo can be taken as you are presenting your donation.