Suffolk gets crafty with Christmas Artisan Fair

Published 1:50 pm Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Saturday saw a packed visitors center with holiday shopping and Christmas cheer. Despite the wet weather, residents came out to the Suffolk Visitors Center Pavilion for the 12th annual Artisan Gift Fair held in conjunction with the Suffolk Farmers Market on Saturday, Dec. 2, located at 524 N. Main St. From fresh produce and craft goods to bakery and self-care products, shoppers were treated to a variety of small businesses along with concessions from Route 58 Burgers and music by both DJ Angie and The Doorway Singers who provided Christmas caroling. 

Sherri Keller of Sher’s Stitches made her first showing at the fair, selling her handmade crochet items. Keller talked about her experience at the event, noting how “super nice” everyone was.

“Selling things that I crocheted, I met so many people that crochet as well. It’s good to finally connect with people. I started doing this when it was 2020. I couldn’t really have an outlet or group of people. So to meet so many people that crocheted as well has been really awesome.”


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Ashley Birmingham of Ruby Dragon Crafts also talked about the craft fair’s positivity and her custom-made crafts business.

“The atmosphere is really nice and accepting. The customers are really nice. And it’s a really nice feeling to help people find what they need for their friends and for Christmas. I do custom orders, so anyone can make anything in any color to fit any need.”

As for the inspiration of Birmingham’s business name?

“Ruby’s my birthstone and dragons are my favorite animal, so I put the two together!” she said.

During the festivities, Visitor Center Supervisor Kevin Sary also talked about the fair and how important it is to promote and bring small businesses together.

“With the farmer’s market, the artisan gift, anytime that we can promote local small businesses, it’s kind of like the backbone of the community,” Sary said. “We encourage people to try to shop local and keep money as local as possible.”