Land Transfers 12.01.2023 to 12.07.2023

Published 4:14 pm Wednesday, December 13, 2023

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Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to David H Stewart; 5.00 Acres Parcel 5 Burnly Day Plat; $51,100

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to David H Stewart; 8.32 Acres Parcel 26 Burnly Day Plat; $82,300

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to John C Holland; 5.00 Acres Crumble; $61,100

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Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Sajadul L. Chowdhury; Lot 10, Block 12, Hollywood; $9,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Irvin H Ashburn; Lot 13 Belleville II; $28,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to GS&JD Enterprises LLC; 3216 Deer Path Road; $78,100

Hallstead Land LLC to Nina Simone Denise Lee; 1200 Wilder Drive #B; $451,730

Shena R. Bernadotte to Melvin Vargas; 1009 Raven Hill Road; $399,900

Ducote Enterprises to Ian Patrick Chastin Stovall; 6008 Vineyard Lane; $365,000

Whiteford Investments LLC to Majid Sadri; 222 Jackson Street; $315,000

NRGC Development LLC to Enrique Diaz Velit; 127 Corcoran Lane; $459,125

Heather Lee to Justyce Lackey; 407 South Broad Street; $183,000

Myron C. Tanner Jr AKA to We Buy Houses VA LLC; 2928 Carolina Road; $239,900

Adolph Cofield Jr Executor to Anthony D Cicchirillo; 120 Wexford Drive East; $220,000

Daniel R Koopmans to Trevor William Soderholm; 2647 River Watch Drive; $600,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Charles Henry Gray III; 215 Mill Stream Drive; $432,812

Jeffrey M Sander to Stephen Michael Jackson II; 308 Millstone Court $331,000

MW Properties of VA LLC FKA to Mike Duman Real Estate LLC; 239 W Washington Street; $338,993

Samuel H. Sherard to Megan Ringer; 917 Virginia Avenue; $227,000

BCQ Towns LLC to Ned Jackson Jr.; 2007 Laycocl Lane #102; $411,955

Matthew L. Godette Jr.; Tina The Thanh Tran; 404 Wilkie Court; $206,000

Robin Jones to Autumn Lake Real Estate Investments; 8205 Crittenden Road; $235,000

VPX Properties LLC to Constance Banks Tynes; 2210 Vermont Avenue; $230,000

NRGC Development LLC to William Patterson; 133 Corcoran Lane; $379,179

Modern Design Builders LLC to Daniels Construction Corp; 702 Spruce Street; $40,000

James Robert Wright to Susan M. Gilligan; 1340 Meade Drive; $440,000

William M. Bell to Zachary Christian Booker; 1301 Old Somerton Road; $203,000

HPR LLC to Legacy Home Building LLC; 504 Mahlon Avenue; $35,500

Thompson Holdings Corp to Stephon McMickle; 6312 Cheshire Drive; $425,000

Marcia Pitt to Jose A. Pascasio; 3756 Mockingbird Lane; $310,000

Michael E. Schmidt to Myles Albert Kovacs; 208 Holbrook Arch; $385,000

Joyce Gaines to G4 Remodeling Group Incorporate; 4437 Queen Street; $125,000

BCQ Towns LLC to Joseph Andrew Kopp; 2011 Laycock, #102; $395,695

Peter Tapyrik to Mary Reed; 105 Ruger Court; $449,900

Jarvis R Byrum to 757 Building Company; 6815 Gates Road; $95,000

BCB Realty LLC A Virginia Limited to Dirk A Bustad; 124 Linden Avenue; $350,000

Gary Burke Nye to Thomas H Campbell III; 3046 Bay Shore Lane; $449,000

HPR LLC to Legacy Home Building LLC; 307 North Capital Street; $35,500

Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust to Eduardo Alvarado; 1692 Longstreet Lane; $190,000

Jennifer Robinson to Tameka G Dunston; 183 Squire Reach; $243,000

RSL Homes LLC to Thomas Jeffrey Rhoades Jr; 106 Ryan Arch; $415,000

Nemecio I Plancarte to Mark Construction 1 LLC; 6522 Crittenden Road; $30,000

Somerton Farm LLC to Suffolk City of; Everett Route 668 Camp 0.040 Acres; $1,000

Mamie Vinson Heir to Joanne Trucking and Builder LLC; Lot 170 West Jericho; $30,000

Legacy Home Building LLC to Shane Taylor; 323 Wellons Street; $275,000

Michael Joseph Mahoney AKA to Matthew Palandro; 1403 River Creek Cres; $355,000

Jennifer A. Baumgardner to Robert A. Mixon; 3026 Kempton Park Road; $457,000

Kenyada Williams to Kevin Long; 3600 Corral Cove; $325,900

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Adebayo Adebambo; Lots 27 & 28 Block 16 Saratoga; $35,500

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Jacqueline H. Easley; 0.19 Acre SS NW RR Philadelphia; $4,200

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Jones Swamp LLC; 2.00 Acres Duck Lawrence Hart Holy Neck Magisterial District; $7,600

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to 3 Keys To A Home LLC; Lot 14 Block O Lloyd Place Whaleyville Borough; $19,100

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Brenda Williams; Lot 1 Hamlin St; $6,700

Maurice D. Washington to Scott W. Serfass; 319 Stonehenge Drive; $310,000

BCQ Towns LLC to John Thomas Dutson; 2011 Laycock Lane #100; $397,645

Kathleen Marie Veale to Peter W Dinga; 3501 Cantering Court; $359,000

Pamela Turner to 72019 LLC; 208 N. 7th Street; $48,000

CEPCO LLC to Christopher Kait Construction; 8909 River Crescent; $140,000

7 City Builders LLC to Shareka Christina Miller Dobbin; 1302 Pitchkettle Farm Lane; $635,000

William D Heriford to Michelle Joachim Brathwaite; 1434 Lake Meade Drive; $785,000
James T. Salmon Sr AKA to Nansemond Parkway Properties; 210 Military Road; $160,000

Carter Furniture Inc to Wythe Holding III LLC; 193 East Washington Street; $450,000

Suzanne P Malizia to Melissa R Havens; 5020 Bay Circle; $265,000