Suffolk residents welcome first Publix Supermarket

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Residents flocked to the new Publix at Planters Station on Godwin Blvd early Wednesday morning as the store celebrated its long-awaited grand opening. 

Those on hand were excited about being a part of the store’s grand opening. Cynthia Johnson said that she was “excited” to come out and see what the “new store” in Suffolk was all about. Taquita Parker also talked about her first day shopping at Publix.

“It was an easy shopping experience,” said Parker. “I’m actually heading back this afternoon.”


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Publix Super Markets Media Relations Manager Jared Glover talked about what it meant to him seeing the moments of first time shoppers experiencing the store.

“These are always the most exciting moments for me because I get to see the excitement on our customers’ faces, especially in being in Hampton Roads,” Glover said. “This is our first one. A lot of the folks here have not experienced a Publix, so being able to see them come in and experience this, it’s always a pleasure for our customers for the first time. It makes me excited to be here.”

Glover talked about the investment process of bringing Publix to Suffolk.

“There’s a lot of facets that go into choosing a new location, opening up a new store. Working with cities obviously, talking with our communities, seeing where areas are growing, all of those things play a part in the bigger picture of building a store in our community,” he said. “We’re just happy that we’re able to meet that need, especially here in Suffolk, and happy to see these customers here.”

Mayor Michael D. Duman was enthusiastic about the arrival of Publix.

“The store looks awesome,” Duman said. “I know they have what they call pubsubs and they have a lot of prepared food, which you can just pick up and go, and that is a niche that’s kind of missing right now. So I think they’ll do exceptionally well.”

While Duman said he didn’t shop much, he noted a sale that caught his eye.

“The standing rib-roast on sale for $6.99, I’m not a big shopper, but that’s a heck of a deal!” Duman said. “First thing I [need to] do is go back to the meat department to see what’s going on.”

Duman also noted how far the Planters Station area has progressed over the years. 

“I can remember when there wasn’t anything,” Duman said. “I think when our citizens come, they’re going to see how far we’ve come in this particular area of Suffolk versus some of the others, and I think it’s going to be a very, very welcome addition and well needed in our community,” Duman said.