Rising Demand for Insurance Claim Assistance: Stephanie Corona Uncovers Key Factors

Published 9:19 am Wednesday, February 14, 2024

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Insurance is arguably more vital than ever. With rising natural disasters, increasing property values, and increasing population, there is an increase in the demand for claims adjusters and more people are encountering issues and disputes with insurance claims. With more claims and more issues, there is also an increased demand for claim assistance to make sure coverage and recovery can be obtained after unforeseen events.

Claim assistance is where you employ an insurance professional to help you get the appropriate settlement for your claim. A rising number of insureds seek to receive fair compensation by hiring the services of an experienced adjuster.

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But what is pushing policyholders to search for claim assistance?

Stephanie Corona, an experienced public adjuster, highlights some of the possible reasons for this increased demand. Spending two decades in the field, she understands the challenges individuals and businesses face regarding insurance claims. Her insights into the insurance landscape shed light on the factors contributing to the surge in demand for insurance assistance.

Increased Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are occurring at an alarming frequency, leaving destruction in their wake. These events put immense pressure on insurance companies, resulting in higher premiums and deductibles for policyholders. 

Stephanie notes, “The increase in natural disasters has made it challenging for insurance companies to maintain affordable rates. Policyholders may find themselves dealing with a more complex claims process. That’s why more policyholders seek support to help them understand the fine print and negotiate for fair settlements.”

Rising Building Material Costs

The cost of building materials has skyrocketed in recent years. This has a direct impact on the cost of rebuilding or repairing damaged property. For policyholders, this can lead to financial burdens and disputes with insurance companies over the true cost of repairs.

Stephanie comments, “The rising costs of building materials can catch policyholders off guard. Many require assistance conducting thorough property damage assessments and ensuring that insurance claims accurately reflect the real cost of repairs, easing the financial burden on policyholders.”

Refusal to Cover High-Risk Areas

Due to natural disasters, some insurance companies have started declining coverage in certain high-risk areas. This leaves residents and business owners in a precarious position.

For those living in high-risk areas, it can be incredibly challenging to secure insurance coverage. While some companies refuse to cover them, others deny claims altogether. Therefore, policyholders need to understand their options and work with insurance companies to find solutions that provide coverage and protection. That’s where a professional adjuster can help them,” Stephanie asserts.

She highlights other factors that force policyholders to seek an adjuster. These include increasing denials, delays in payments, increasing claims process complexity, and evolving risks. You can read her detailed insights on these matters here.

Stephanie aims to bridge the gap between insureds and public adjusters, so she co-founded ClaimsMate.

This firm provides a platform where individuals and businesses can connect with experienced public adjusters. It’s designed to help policyholders better understand their policies, file claims, and negotiate settlements with insurance companies.

The insurance industry rapidly evolves and expert assistance in navigating this is critical. With the help of dedicated public adjusters and platforms like ClaimsMate, policyholders can better protect their assets and secure the coverage they need to alleviate their losses.