Land Transfers Feb. 16 through Feb. 22, 2024

Published 12:04 pm Friday, February 23, 2024

Land Transfers 2/16/2024 to 2/22/2024

Thomas M. Wehrfritz to Roger C. Lee; 1509 Wooduck Road; $734,900

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Carolyn F. Turner; 1009 Diamond Way; $478,040

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Randy S. Hayne to David M. Attanucci; 102 Cove Point Drive; $410,000

Retreat at Harbour View LP to Charlotte Mariea Blount; 1121 Elaina Place; $514,864

Kristie R. Walter to Jacob T. ODay; 303 Applewood Court; $305,000

Tiffanie L. Joyner to Juan Nunez; 1012 Teton Circle; $240,000

WER Rental LLC to RST Investments LLC; 224 Holladay Street; $86,600

WER Rental LLC to RST Investments LLC; 310 Finney Ave; $92,300

EJ Holdings LLC to Uriel Alberto Rivera Zelya; 808 Ashley Avenue; $199,800

WER Rental LLC to RST Investments LLC; 404406 Culloden Street; $127,400

BCQ Towns LLC to Decora Denise Hawkins; 2019 Laycock Lane #101; $328,189

NVR Inc to Sandra Lee Shipp; 842 General Pickett Drive; $572,635

Ainslie Group Inc to Nalor H. Small; 5105B Summer Garden Place; $850,000

Taylor Cale Mizelle Heir to Slyvia Ruth Kimball; 949 Kings Fork Road; $365,000

John Dorr to Jordan L Burns; 303 King Court; $300,000

Aimee Downie to James R Rountree TR ETC; 124 Ministerial Terrace; $415,100

Benjamin Wallace Janosky to Shannon E. Woodard; 8331 Hudgins Circle; $460,000

Lydia Ferran Weeks TR ETC to Jermaine Jackson; 3011 Newbury Court; $440,000

Isis LaJoy Jones to Jimmie D. Stamp; 4023 Abercorn Drive; $305,000

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company to RST Group LLC; 2702 E. Washington Street; $129,900

RiverClub VA LLC to Eddy Rafael Bueno; 1156 Zuella Court; $793,724

Diane F. Williams TR ETC to Richard J. Sharkey; 3027 Indian Point Road; $459,900

BCQ Towns LLC to Anna Evelyn Russell; 2019 Laycock Lane #102; $339,890

Planters Station LLC to Tiffinie S. Porch; 242 McCormick Drive; $540,900

Carly J. Cole to Jerry McLeod; 4605 Camellia Drive; $330,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Matthew T. Curry; 191 Norfleet Lane; $433,185

Beach Cove Builders LLC to Stephanie Theus; 708 Factory Street; $310,000

Robert C. Black to Jessie Jolene Felton; 130 Eagle Lane; $330,000

Stephanie M Cox to Brandon Neild; 1564 Whaleyville Boulevard; $218,400

Paul H. Evers to Nicole E. Denniston; 4681 Desert Road; $385,000

PCA Ltd to Economic Development Authority; 123 Clay Street; $195,000

PCA Ltd to Economic Development Authority; 153 North Main Street; $2,450,000

PCA Ltd to Economic Development Authority; North Saratoga Street; $125,000

George H. Haley to Andrew C. Gregory; 2172 Patridge Place; $2,000,000

Paramount Investments LLC to Stephen Joseph Ahern; 221 Baron Boulevard; $424,900

Nicholas LaTroy Hullaby Sr to Quoc Tran Nguyen; 108 Civil Court; $550,000

John Allen Clark to Stephen A Wagenfer Jr; 4877 Godwin Boulevard; $360,000

Just Right Homes LLC to Janice Powell; 215 River Point Drive; $239,900

Bradley Treisch to Quy M. Nguyen; 111 Squire Reach; $235,000

Gary P. Hoffman to Ross Soinelli; 109 Queen Annes Court; $400,000

Hermitage Point LLC to NVR Inc; Marston Street; $675,600