Land Transfers March 1 through March 7

Published 11:58 am Friday, March 8, 2024

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Land Transfers 3/01/2024 to 3/07/2024

Timothy D Sykes Jr to Israel M Ramos; 3012 Catterick Cove; $395,000

BCQ Towns LLC to Christopher Yien Dang; 2006 Laycock Lane #1; $371,475

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Elizabeth B Stewart to Sze How Loo; 6211 OakGlen Drive; $285,000

Nicholas R Perkins to Hanna Lyerly Wisner; 3112 Driver Station Way; $410,000

Charlene M Bowser to Nathan T. Jones; 6335 Old Townpoint Road; $284,000

Retreat at Harbour View LP to David L Wytiaz; 1117 Elaina Place; $542,910

Eric Evangelista to Stephanie A Langkil; 1651 Buckhorn Drive; $468,500

Jean Saunders to Rachel Blizzard; 5010 Prestwick Street; $317,000

Amos Hodnett Jr to Cameron D Bryant; 124 Blessings Circle; $438,900

Andrew S Clearly to Ralph Capotosto; 1721 Kings Highway; $580,000

B&S Homes LLC to Michael Thomas Lyons Jr; 202 North 4th Street; $186,000

RSL Homes LLC to Yacoob Shaikh; 2113 Livingston Street; $319,900

Patricia A Hayes to Spenser Michael Haskett; 4928 Fennell Lane; $400,000

Nansemond Investors Inc to JMJ Ventures LLC; 722 Jones Street; $350,000

Rhonda Laverne Bradley to Laycie Courville; 1601 Freeney Avenue; $120,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Truist Bank; 2375 Cherry Grove Road; $416,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Charlene Michele Bowser; 265 Veterans Court; $392,135

Fannie Mae AKA to Althanatos Siclait; 523 Chisholm Lane; $305,000

Ryan W Sightler to Jared Hendrix; 324 Stonehenge Drive; $300,000

David C Young to Christopher Cole; 121 Norfleet Lane; $385,000

Tidewater Investments 3 LLC to Mason Stradley; 111 Marshall Avenue; $199,999

Carl L Vann Sr to John E Wells TR ETC; 22 Brown Lane; $41,300

Kirk Old WH LLC to NVR Inc; 837 General Pickett Drive; $138,000

124 LLC AKA to Holly Hammontree; 201 Red Duck Circle; $412,000

Janet K Harrell to Nice Heritage LLC; 1546 River Creek Crescent; $250,000

Governors Pointe Village Shoppe to Averett Properties LLC; 1885 Governors Pointe Drive; $2,350,000

Kenneth P Watson to Trung Thanh Vo; 1835 Mountainside Avenue; $385,000

Brain Dewayne Henderson to Trevor L. Edwards; 100 Freedom Lane; $488,000

Dru A Landsing to Bria J Brown; 104 Russett Court; $375,000

Rachel N Silva to Trenton S Conoly; 108 Crocker Street; $300,000

Sixty Group to Capitol Warrior LLC; 314 Wellons Street; $101,800

Capitol Warrior LLC to Lolita D Newell; 314 Wellons Street; $110,000

Jesse D Langston Jr TR ETC to Columbia Gas Transmission LLC; 5100 Lake Prince Drive; $26,182

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Columbia Gas Transmission LLC; 510 Hillpoint Boulevard; $3,502

Glenn Muller to Columbia Gas Transmission LLC; 132 Sandcastle Circle; $832

Michael and Margaret Byrum Rev to Langston Lafade Scott II; 3428 Village Square Place; $775,000

US Bank Trust NA TR ETC to Christopher Dakota Michie; 208 Locust Street; $235,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Jeffrey Daniels Jr; 110 American Way; $368,955

BCQ Towns LLC to Ava Monique Nowlin; 2006 Laycock Lane #100; $409,679

Joshua Pretlow Jr to Kirk Rose Kirk LLC; 6122 Everets Road; $800,000

Ywain Young to New Home Builders LLC; 230 Pine Street; $31,000

Jennifer Gloria Thomas to Claudine Campbell; 4125 Pughsville Road; $440,000

Brandon R Whitfield CO EXEC to Kathryn Anne Bensten; 2704 Cohoon Road; $500,000

Taiwan Short to Kate Nwosu; 2784 Lake Cohoon Road; $550,000

Arthur W Kay to Brad Griguhn; 4491 Burning Tree Court; $540,000

Jessica Jo Telfer to Austin Roney; 155 American Way; $395,000

Jerry Vincent Fauci to Steven Pelzel; 2307 Juniper Lane; $460,000

Brad Williamson to David A Riemer; 1025 Bay Breeze Drive; $435,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Rodney Purvis; 181 Norfleet Lane; $437,210

Polk Pinewill Builders LLC to Horacio Lopez Espinoza; 342 N 5th Street; $29,753

Ryan Wayne Thurmon to Khamphou Sayavong; 113 Independence Court; $460,000

Caymus Cash Buyers LLC to Frank Brennen Hotard; 536 Wilson Street; $179,000

Laurence M Wells to Kelis Investments LLC; 6218 Freeman Avenue; $80,000

Paul D Scearce II to Charles J Cornish; 4414 Queen Street; $475,000

David A Carrithers to Thomas W Goodwyn; 5816 Bernhowe Manor Lane; $275,000

Myrtle J Kee to Jacob Newton; 109 Eagle Point Crescent; $319,500

NVR Inc to Keshia Williams; 1231 Worden Way; $419,990

Victory Allegiance Realty Inc to Jarrett Johnson; 118 West Washington Street; $279,000

Jasmine Scales to Valerie R Butler; 229 Burnetts Way; $265,000

Michael E Moore to Robert B Lewis; 303 Lakeside Drive; $249,000

MD Services LLC to Benjamin D Margriter; 8489 Longstreet Lane; $291,500

Rachel N Lane to Christopher Kanash; 2420 Carolina Road; $209,000

Jung Warren to 72019 LLC; 124 Halifax Street; $43,000

Maria C Barrett Devisee to Nicholas Ryan Gallaher; 612 Murphys Mill Road; $291,000

Darryl R Veal to Mohit Apoorva; 177 Peck Lane; $407,000

Edwin G Writtenberry TR ETC to James L Barnes; 309 Sherwood Drive; $379,500

Denise Lecher to Keith Conrad Kaufman; 5305 Sports Club Run; $465,000

B&B Ventures LLC to David A. Stone; 5711 Holy Neck Road; $435,000

Beverly L. Breeden Divisee to Brian Lisboa; 5252 River Club Drive; $743,800