12 Unique Things to Do with the Crypto You Own

Published 12:07 pm Thursday, March 21, 2024

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In 2024 there are a number of things to do with cryptocurrency. Beyond investing, crypto holders can travel the world, game online, and even support their favorite charitable organizations with digital currency. Over 300 million people worldwide own cryptocurrency of some type and many look for unique and fun ways to use it. Here are some creative ways to make the most of your digital assets:

1. Travel The World: 

Use cryptocurrency to book flights, accommodations, and travel experiences through platforms that accept digital currencies. Some travel agencies and online booking websites now offer the option to pay with crypto, allowing tourists to explore new places using virtual money. For example, luxury travel agent Berkely Travel accepts Bitcoin, allowing travelers to explore the world using crypto. The agency offers luxury packages heading to Africa, Asia, Oceania, Central, South, and North America, and more. 

2. Invest in NFTs: 

Invest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to own unique digital assets like artwork, collectibles, virtual real estate, and even digital fashion items. For example, fashion lovers may want to purchase an NFT from Gucci. Gucci recently collaborated with Superplastic to produce an NFT collection titled SuperGucci. The first collection dropped in February 2022 and has been popular with tech-savvy fashion lovers ever since. 

3. Bet Online: 

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Online betting is a rapidly growing market, and betting with crypto is becoming increasingly popular all around the world. A number of platforms online now allow bettors to buy in, wager, and withdraw funds with crypto like Ethereum and Bitcoin. The best 이더리움 카지노 sites offer players a huge array of games to choose from, according to betting expert Jaehoon, along with the usual perks of playing with crypto which include safe transactions, reduced fees, and quick transfer times. 

4. Give To Charity: 

Support causes and organizations by donating cryptocurrency directly to charity wallets or through fundraising platforms that accept digital currencies. Cryptocurrency donations can make a meaningful impact on various charitable initiatives and social causes around the world. Both the British Red Cross and the Singapore Red Cross both now accept cryptocurrency donations. By accepting a new payment type, organizations can open themselves up to receiving funds from a larger audience and hopefully raising more for good causes all around the world. 

5. Subscribe To Your Favorite Services: 

Pay for subscription-based services, such as streaming platforms, online courses, and digital memberships, using cryptocurrency. Some content providers and service providers now offer the option to subscribe and pay with digital currencies, giving you access to a wide range of digital content and resources. Movie buffs can sign up with Movie Plus, which is a streaming service that accepts Bitcoin as a payment option in order to stay up to date on all recent movie releases. 

6. Explore and Earn With Decentralized Finance: 

Crypto holders can learn about the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) by lending, borrowing, staking, and yield farming crypto holdings. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) allow you to earn passive income and maximize the potential of your digital assets. One way to do this is by lending your assets via DeFi exchanges and earning interest payments on the money you’re loaning out. You could also borrow crypto tokens by pledging your own assets as collateral. DeFi may take a little bit of research and learning to get the hang of, but once crypto holders understand how to use it, it opens up new ways to use crypto in unique ways. 

7. Send Crypto To Friends and Family: 

Share coins via peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with friends, family, or other cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Peer-to-peer transactions are usually used to pay back friends and family for things like meals out, trips, or odd jobs. Peer-to-peer platforms let people transfer digital money back and forth directly between each other, with no need for a middle-man, making them quick and easy. 

8. Buy Cryptocurrency Merchandise: 

Purchase crypto-branded merchandise and products from online stores that accept cryptocurrency payments. Crypto holders who are fans of a certain coin usually opt to purchase shirts or sweatshirts that are branded with their coin of choice. For example, Crypto Emporium has a number of unique shirts. Some feature the dog from DogeCoin while others feature Ethereum or Bitcoin logos. 

9. Support Crowdfunding Projects and Invest: 

Crypto holders can invest in blockchain-based startups and projects through crowdfunding platforms. By backing promising ventures and new technologies, you can contribute to the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem while potentially earning returns on your investment.

10. Purchase Luxury Items: 

Convert your crypto holdings into real-world assets and luxury items. A huge number of high-end luxury stores now accept crypto. If you’re looking for a new Gucci purse or tote bag, you can buy one using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Shiba Inu, or others. If you’d like a new outfit from Balenciaga you can purchase items from their flagship store in the US using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Ralph Lauren, Tag Heuer, and Farfetch are among other luxury brands now accepting digital currency as well for their goods. 

11. Further Your Education and Develop Skills: 

Crypto owners can enroll in online courses related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading using crypto as a payment method for the courses. In addition, some universities are starting to accept crypto for tuition payments. One of the first universities to do so is the University of Nicosia in the Mediterranean. Students here can pay for their college tuition using Bitcoin.

12. Support Unique Content Creation: 

A fun way to use crypto is through supporting content creators, influencers, and artists by tipping or sponsoring their work with cryptocurrency donations. Cryptocurrency micropayments and tipping systems enable you to show appreciation for creative content and contribute to the growth of online communities and digital content platforms. Find an artist or performer that you enjoy, and if they accept online payments or tips, use some of your crypto assets to show them that their content is appreciated and valued. 


Crypto holders who are looking for fun, new, and unique ways to use their crypto can explore the list above. From gaming online to supporting charities, there are a number of creative ways to spend crypto beyond simply investing it.