Land transfers: March 22 through March 28, 2024

Published 2:55 pm Friday, March 29, 2024

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Land Transfers 3/22/2024 to 3/28/2024

Ailene Daniels LLC to Ariana Ownes; 403 Spruce Street; $263,900
Charles Gomez to Anthony Sanchez Jr; 137 Patriots Walke Drive; $515,000
Trina L Wilson Stokes to Nigel Stokes; 123 E. Wexford Drive; $225,000
Mark Wayne Carr to Serendipity 813 LLC; 3529 Pruden Boulevard; $160,000
NRGC Development to Anthony J Gibbs; 135 Corcoran Lane; $416,380
NRGC Development to Justin D Wilson; 219 Peck Lane; $394,399
Latima Backus to Sharp Paradise Funding LLC; 334 North 4th Street; $45,000
Latima Backus to Sharp Paradise Funding LLC; North 4th Street; $20,000
Linda C Watson to Nicole Watson; 2248 Humphreys Drive, Unit 295; $260,000
Arthur Reed Aiken to Parrish Homes LLC; 4461 Adams Swamp Road; $155,000
Braganza Family Revocable Living to Colin S Harris; 9184 Wigneil Street; $1,150,000
Whitman Development Group LLC to Haili Griego; 1168 Nansemond Parkway; $454,400
Ale Nation LLC to BC Branch Enterprises Inc; Hunter Street; $7,500
Jonathan E. Peloquin to Laraine Elizabeth Peloquin; 501 Inlet Place; $401,000
Justin T Hogue to Corey Smith; 3839 Whaleyville Boulevard; $465,000
Paramount Investments LLC to Zachary S Hayes; 302 Peachwood Court; $394,900
CEPCO 1 LLC to Kirbor At Cedar Point LLC; 56 River Edge Drive; $205,000
NVR Inc to Terrence Lee; 850 General Pickett Drive; $540,666
BCQ Towns LLC to Kenneth Isadore Jones Jr; 2006 Laycock Lane #102; $405,355
Ashby B Jones to Anthony K Jones AKA; $280,000
Edgewater Development Group LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC; 223 Mill Stream Drive; $473,800
Paramount Investments LLC to Quanzisha Bradley; 166 Preserve Way; $523,700
Morris E. Evans to Elois J. Wiggins; 7629 S. Quay Road; $140,000
Crystal MacBlain to Carly Nino TR Etc; 1008 Rachels Drive; $291,000
Seaboard Enterprises Inc to Margarita A. Clark; 524 Ashley Avenue; $190,000
Jeffery D Stewart to Andrew Falkenstein; 4049 Hargrove Landing; $415,000
Tyler Thomas Goodpasture to Michael Kithcart; 118 Mistral Terrace; 415,000
Boyce Widner LTD to Lakeisha L Goode; 1023 White Marsh Road; $289,900
Dr Horton Inc to Innocent Mgbekemdi Ezeji; 3384 River Drive; $724,000
Herbert Jones to Trina Wilson; 1213 B Street; $296,000
Ronald H Williams TR to Bethlehem Christian Church Inc; Third Avenue; $4,500
Ronald H Williams TR to Mary E. Hill; 1671 Mount Lebanon Avenue; $6,900
Ronald H Williams TR to Second Chance Investments LLC; Cross Street; $4,400
Ronald H Williams TR to Second Change Investments LLC; Norfolk Street; $4,500
Niel Strain to Alexander Zachary Bradstreet; 6785 Burbage Lake Circle; $415,000
Innocent Mgbekemdi Ezeji to Zachary Jack; 106 Ferguson Place; $572,000
William E Moore AKA to Gary K Snyder; 457 Manning Road; $330,000
HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Ciara D. Goodman; 226 Mill Stream Drive; $400,505
Ronald L Toran Jr to Arthur D Padmore; 4307 Edgewater Lane; $595,000
NVR Inc to Kyle Bailey; 114 General Longstreet Drive; $484,545
Charles Anthony Wright AKA to Capitol Warrior Inc; 315 North 5th Street; $75,000
Capitol Warrior LLC to Luxury Renovations Corp; 315 North 5th Street; $93,938
Ruth Elaina Perkins Felming to Linda E. Coleman; 6400 Aberdeen Place; $470,000
Ben Banasiak to Thomas D Hennen; 1100 Pine Valley Drive; $565,000
River Highlands LLC to Kirk Old NRGC II LLC; 1000 Boulevard; $806,000
NVR Inc to Scott J Downie; 105 Terrywood Drive; $575,960
Angela Cordero Jones TR ETC to Summer Motzing; 617 Turlington Road; $332,000
Paul S McQueen to Melvyn Hines; 3000 Kempton Park Road; $502,500
Hallstead Land LLC to Kimberly L Rosales; 1201 Capella Lane #B; $414,620
Mario A McKithean to Nadine Lusk; Nadine Lusk; 6300 Sentry Way South; $430,000
Chase Trucking LLC to Taylor Robert Keys; 7150 Crittenden Road; $425,000
Glen Westfall to Antonio M Amareen; 222 Woodhaven Drive; $485,000
Dr. Horton Inc to Amanda Beth Strait; 3385 Nansemond River Drive; $619,990
Barbara W Henry Living Trust to Richard Jason Boger; 2829 North Shore Drive; $255,000
HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Tesfa Massiah; 179 Norfleet Lane; $445,990
OTL II LLC to Virginia Jones; 1200 Cheriton Lane; $250,000
NVR Inc to Amon John Georgewell; 1237 Worden Way: $436,000
James Elmer Guthrie Jr to Pamela Sansom; 3300 Nansemond River Drive; $480,000
Dream Renovations LLC to Briana Merdith; 907 McKinley Avenue; $215,000

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