Sheriff’s Office hops on through Suffolk

Published 10:00 am Sunday, March 31, 2024

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Suffolk, Virginia —On Wednesday, March 20, the Suffolk nursing home residents saw Easter arrive early as the Easter Bunny, the Suffolk Sheriff’s Office, brought various goodies and joy to the nursing home residents. The sheriff’s office also visited Maryview Nursing Center, Lake Prince Woods, Autumn Care and Concordia Nursing & Rehabilitation.

Chief Deputy Maj. David Miles talked about the importance of their nursing home visits.

“Although we visit the nursing homes several times a year, each visit is unique and gives us a new opportunity to interact with the residents,” Miles said. “The staff and residents are always warm and welcoming, and they seem to look forward to our visits just as much as we do.”

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Concordia Nursing & Rehabilitation Activity Director Franshaun Edmonds expressed how impactful the Sheriff’s Office’s visits are.

“It means a lot to me and the residents,” Edmonds said. “It shows us that we are a community, that you come together and do nice things that [make] the residents feel loved.”

Miles reflected on seeing the smiles on their faces during their visits.

“The looks on their faces is what makes it all worth it,” he said. “The words of gratitude don’t compare to the looks of surprise, joy, and appreciation in their eyes.”

Miles gave a message to readers ahead of the Easter holiday.
“However you and your family celebrate or observe this holiday, just remember it is always “in-season” to bring joy to others,” Miles said.