$13.5 million wellness center arrives at Lake Prince Woods

Published 9:00 am Friday, April 26, 2024

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Thursday, April 18,  marked a new beginning for Lake Prince Woods as the  Suffolk Continuing Care Retirement welcomed its new wellness center. Residents came together to celebrate the addition of the 13.5 million wellness center.

This celebration follows the success of the Mind, Body, Spirit capital campaign, which raised $1,467,047 for providing wellness-enhancing amenities, and the September 2022 groundbreaking commemorating the retirement center’s opening date in 2002.

Along with acknowledging Mayor Michael D. Duman and Council Member Roger Fawcett for their attendance, Lake Prince Woods Executive Director Judy Raymond thanked staff for their help and residents for their patience.

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“When I look at what we’ve built, I think that all good things come to those who wait,” Raymond said. “And we have shown how patient we are, haven’t we?”

EveryAge President and CEO Lee Syria also gave remarks while thanking staff.

“Although it was not easy getting through all the approvals in order to finally break ground in March 2023. Once we did, progress took place really quick and we are able to enjoy this celebration today,” Syria said. 

The wellness center features an art studio and classroom space, fitness areas for cardio, strength training, yoga and aerobics classes, a beauty salon, a health clinic, a gift shop, and much more. Likewise, Lake Prince Woods’ Commons area also had renovations to help integrate the Wellness Center and enhance resident amenities. The Commons will now include an upgraded auditorium with enhanced audiovisual abilities, a pub-style billiards room and lounge and more wayfinding signage.

Following the ceremony, Raymond and Syria provided comments, with Raymond calling the moment “phenomenal.”

“It’s just something that we’ve waited so long for, the residents have waited for, and to see it actually come into fruition is just wonderful,” Raymond said. “Now the opportunities that we can offer to our residents, future residents, to our staff, it’s just mind blowing what we can do.”

Raymond expressed how thankful they are for the residents and participants in the project, saying that “thank you” does not seem like a big enough word.

“‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem like a big enough word. I mean, if we enlarge ‘thank you,’ I don’t know,” Raymond said humorously. “It’s just been, it’s been a great journey.” 

Syria expressed that the center resulted from four years of planning, construction, and approval processes.

“A lot of patience by our residents having their living spaces disrupted with the ongoing construction while they’re living here and calling it home,” Syria said. “But I think in the end, they’re going to find that it is going to create even more vibrant living for them and future residents.”