Miss Lilly brings consignment shop to Suffolk

Published 8:00 am Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Rewinding to April, Suffolk recently welcomed a new addition to its business lineup: Miss Lilly’s Trading Post.

Located at 6707 S. Quay Road, the new consignment shop offers a wide variety of products from local crafters and artisans, such as portraits, clothing, and more from over 30 co-signers and vendors. The shop celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, April 20.

Miss Lilly’s Trading Post Co-Owner Lisa Byrne talked about her mission of offering products to “anyone and everyone” within the Suffolk community.

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“That was my goal. So we had quite a few, over 80 applicants apply …” Byrne said. “So these co-signers that are here were hand-selected by me, to create the atmosphere that I wanted for the customer.”

Byrne notes the support that she has received from her collaborators with the shop.

“A lot of them prior to coming here were doing markets and markets are tough, because you set up the day [and] you got to be there all day,” she says. “I don’t require the co-signer to be here with their booths, because I think it creates a better shopping experience for the customer.”

Byrne says sellers are given two days each week to refresh and restock before the business is open to the public, Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. She also notes helping co-signers by providing consignment shop software to help sellers manage and track their inventory and sales.

“So, I think that they like being able to come in, set up and just restock [and] clean instead of having to be somewhere everyday, watching their stuff. So they’ve  made an investment in me, but I made an investment in them,” she said. “…I think everyone that I have selected [are] amazing people and they know the craft and they know I appreciate them and their craft, and I think that we’ve had a good relationship so far.”

With many applicants joining the shop and others being added to its waiting list, Lilly’s growth is going strong thanks to the continued co-signer collaboration. Byrne also detailed an outside market that’s currently in the works.

“The market outside will be for produce and things like that, but nothing outside will compete with what I have inside and vice versa and will only complement each other,” she said. “So, that’s in the works, that’s coming!”

The consignment shop wasn’t Byrne’s first business adventure as she and her husband owned another company: East Side Rides Restoration. Originally in Holland, the company’s growth saw Byrne and her husband purchase a building (that is now Lilly’s) to store the cars with East Side Rides moving to Courtland. After selling the company to their son this past year, they kept the building used for the cars while thinking of the future. While Byrne had an appreciation for her husband’s love for cars, she wanted to do something of her own.

“He said, ‘Let’s do it. What do you want to do?’ Well, he and I have been married for over 40 years and we’ve always treasure-hunted, and so we have our own treasure. And so, I said, ‘Let’s do a consignment shop and market.’ I love farmers markets, outdoor markets, I love the consignment,” Byrne said. “We’ve spent five long months, which were quick actually, renovating this building to prepare for this, and my husband was the key in getting this done for me.”

Byrne also answered a remaining question for those who might not know: who is Miss Lilly?

“Lilly is my 12-year-old Chocolate Labrador, and she owns our hearts!” Byrne said. “We wanted something to go down and be grand and be great for her and keep her in our hearts no matter what.”

Byrne also listed upcoming events at Miss Lilly’s Trading Post, including Barn in the USA on June 15, Christmas in July on July 20, Awesome August on Aug. 17, and Fall You-all on September 21.