Column – Finding balance in chaos

Published 5:33 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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Dr. Artis: Help. How do I maintain my sanity when I feel overwhelmed with life, family, and work?

Hold on. Help is on the way. I know that feeling overwhelmed can often make you feel like you are drowning beneath a sea of to-do lists, projects, deadlines, bills, and demands. However, the key is to face your problems. Do not run and hide. Do not stop answering your phone. Do not avoid your boss. Do not work late so you don’t have to deal with household problems. Do not avoid your family — you can’t get rid of them that easily. Do not let the bills pile up — they are still due. Avoidance or denial may seem like the right things to do to decrease your stress in the moment, but you will regret these actions in the future because they can lead to worsened outcomes (for example, collections, divorce, job loss). I have two suggestions for you. The first thing I want you to do is to show up for your life — no more hiding. Face your financial struggles and seek ways to make life better by reviewing your current income and expenses to ensure you are not spending more than you earn, or apply for a part-time job or increase your hours to pay off that unexpected bill. Face your family concerns by communicating with one another through face-to-face conversation or seek a third party, such as a counselor or pastor, to help you find common ground. Effective communication is also essential when facing your work concerns. However, finding joy outside of work often helps to make work more satisfying, so perhaps you must learn how to leave work at work and enjoy time by yourself and with loved ones, especially evenings and weekends. Or, perhaps, it is time to find a new position or a new career doing something you are passionate about and utilizes your strengths yet allows you to be financially comfortable. Lastly, my second suggestion is to strive for balance once you get everything back under control. Deal with life, face the little things so they do not become big things, strive to always be a better you, and balance work and play by working hard but also enjoying life — spending quality time with the people that matter in your life, learn something new, exercise, go dancing or dance in front of your mirror, laugh out loud, or read a good book. Strive for balance — emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


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