Column – Industrial climate policies threaten US economic sovereignty

Published 5:30 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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Drew Varner

The escalation of industrial global warming policies is hurting the economic growth of American industries and weaponizing global companies with the privilege of asset control, market domination and ideology psyops undermining sovereignty in the US, as seen in the HVAC industry recently with the current market shift to R32 refrigerants. This shift directly correlates with the makers of the policy, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the pseudo-statesmanship ideology from the Rhode Scholars in the 21stcentury. This global panel thinks they control what the industrial sector can, and cannot manufacture based on the ideology of climate change, which has been identified as a means to control the economic growth of nations that do not fall in line with the UN global policy on climate change and not necessarily fight true environmental challenges. The fact of the matter is this agenda has been identified by many experts and scholars, as well as other United Nations agendas such as replacement migration, as a means to destroy the US sovereignty through backdoor policies and umbrella corporations, which are not backed constitutionally by no means. How long will Americans allow this to happen before we realize that we are surrounded by global diasporas who align themselves more with the global agendas of the UN and not the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution? These policies can only exist if “we the people” allow these globalists to determine our economic growth, but if we follow a national policy directive and focus on getting these global agents out of our institutions, we can have a grassroots movement that has not been seen before. Foreign entities undermining the US sovereignty should spark an ignition to unite all walks of life here in the states and allow the American people to throw off the global shackles that are bound to bring us under a global cabal and write our history of true independence and freedom.  

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