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Announcing our Tip Jar

Starting today, the Suffolk News-Herald is accepting donations to support local Suffolk news through a program we call ...


Newsprint supply is tightening, and you are affected

The paper used to print the Suffolk News-Herald you hold in your hands costs 10 percent more than ...


Help recognize deserving businesses

For the third time, we have kicked off our Locals Choice program.


Time for an Internet sales tax

Many online retailers are able to avoid collecting sales tax for most states.


Downtown: what’s in a name?

If you ask 10 people to describe Suffolk’s downtown, you may well get 10 responses.


A few hours on the Nansemond River

Last Sunday, I dropped a kayak into the Nansemond River a bend or two downriver from Constant’s Wharf. ...


Dreaming of a greatness at Mast

Janice Henderson has a vision for Suffolk’s Mast Tennis Center. Janice is a former college player, occasional USTA ...


Backyard chickens got the axe

In Suffolk you can own dogs, cats, fish, snakes, lizards, gerbils, canaries, parrots and more. Chickens, on the ...


Share your thoughts about trails

Picture a network of trails for walkers, joggers and bikers connecting North Suffolk to downtown Suffolk, or downtown ...


Crime Line an important local resource

At about 1 a.m. Thursday, the Circle K store on West Washington Street was robbed. The police quickly ...

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