Diamonds await you in the Bible

Mark Galli is one of the editors of Christianity Today magazine. One time, the church he was pastoring ...


A good resolution to keep

As we enter a new year, perhaps you have made some resolutions or, at least, determined to do ...


Reading the Bible sustains you

As 2018 winds down and you prepare to enter a New Year, perhaps you have determined to make ...


A captivating partnership

By Thurman Hayes The video footage was absolutely captivating. In fact, when I came across it, I was ...


The resurrection of our bodies

As I write this column, the state funeral of President George H.W. Bush is taking place. People have ...


Gratitude for George H.W. Bush

In 1944, George H.W. Bush was a naval aviator in the Pacific. After being shot down by the ...


Let’s be motivated by love

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I watched Steven Spielberg’s classic film, “Schindler’s List.”


An attitude of gratitude

In 1841, Charles Dickens was on a book tour in America. One morning as he scanned an American ...


Politics not the ultimate power

Many Americans sat glued to their TVs on Tuesday, watching mid-term election results come in. It seems like ...


Attack on Jews is attack on us

On Saturday morning, it happened again: We turned on the TV or clicked into the news and saw ...

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