People started lining up outside The Athlete’s Foot at Suffolk Plaza about 5 a.m. Thursday, ahead of a new release by Nike, the new Air Jordan. The shoe was to go on sale when the store opened at 9 a.m. Friday.

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Customers line up for ‘shoe frenzy’

Published 11:01pm Thursday, December 20, 2012

People were lining up outside The Athlete’s Foot at Suffolk Plaza since at least 5 a.m. Thursday for a new shoe that wouldn’t go on sale until 9 a.m. today.

To many people, the $199 Air Jordan is a big fat waste of money. But to a sneakerhead, the shoe is something worth camping out for.

Deandre Turner, 19, one of about 25 outside the store just after midday Thursday, said he had been there since 5 a.m.

“They just look good. They’re special,” he said, adding that he’s been awaiting the shoe’s release for “years.”

For Sherrod Falls, 18, the shoe’s appeal is in its color scheme, which reflects the black, white and red of shoe namesake Michael Jordan’s old basketball team, The Chicago Bulls.

“These are retro, and I believe this is only the third time they have come out,” he said. “I’m just into shoes because this is just something that I love. I’m a big Jordan fan.”

Falls said it’s getting increasingly difficult for true sneakerheads to purchase newly released shoes. People snap them up merely because they’re the latest fashion, not because they are truly passionate about them, he said.

“You have to go to extreme lengths,” he said, explaining that last week he had lined up at a mall to get a ticket for a pair from Foot Locker, but missed out.

“They said someone was able to get into the mall and get there before us,” he said. “This is my second time, and there’s still a possibility I might not get them. I have a funny feeling I might not get them.”

Shakira Jordan, 18, who joked (or maybe not) that she is Michael Jordan’s cousin, said, “I just love them because they hot. They just hot. I just want them in my hand. I could have ordered them, but I want them in my hand so I can wear them tomorrow.”

Cameron Baum, 18, who lined up outside the store at 5 a.m., admitted to spending $2,000 to $3,000 on sneakers a year.

“It’s the best shoe in the world,” he said of the new Air Jordan. “It’s a fresh shoe.”

Maurince Parker attested to the “sexiness” of the shoe. “When I think about the shoe, I think about the sexiness of the shoe and how good it looks — and how many girls you will get when you put them on your feet,” he said.

Falls disagreed with Parker’s last point. “You don’t get girls with shoes,” he said. “It’s just your personality — you can still get girls just being yourself.”

  • MrJiggyFly

    And you wonder why this country is so screwed.

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  • littleham79

    Wow, the Suffolk News Herald must have run out of things to right about,looks like an upstanding group there,love the signs they are throwing up,where is the real news,this is a joke.

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    I often wonder how in all cases of people camping out for sales…do they work?

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    I wonder how many of these young people live in a family that is collecting welfare entitlements? One 18 year old even boast of spending $3,000 a year on shoes. I wonder how much he has spent on a post high school education?

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  • thekytikat

    Cray. Completely cray. I thought “shoes” were a girl thing? LOL Reminds me of this — NSFW!!

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  • mcdb

    Why is this an article worthy of being printed? Unless you were trying to prove that stereotypes are factual and accurate and wanted to include a picture as Exhibit A. Alllll these folks have 24 hours to sit in line and buy expensive shoes (willing to pay thousands for it), and yet, they’re not at work and if they do work, their bosses let them off for the entire day to buy a shoe…for themselves? Ahh….restores my faith in humanity. And what exactly do all the signs they’re ‘throwing’ mean? Is it impossible to stand and smile and not give off the impression of something else.

    there’s no polite way to write a response to this article.


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