Kroger announced on Tuesday that it would acquire Harris Teeter in a merger agreement. Both companies either have or are building stores in North Suffolk.
Kroger announced on Tuesday that it would acquire Harris Teeter in a merger agreement. Both companies either have or are building stores in North Suffolk.

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Locals like grocery merger

Published 9:12pm Tuesday, July 9, 2013

By William Scott


Grocery store giant Kroger announced Tuesday that it will acquire Harris Teeter Supermarkets in a merger that would cost Kroger $2.4 billion.

There are no plans to close stores, terminate employees or move headquarters of either company, officials said.


There is currently no Kroger establishment in Suffolk, though a Kroger Marketplace is set to begin development in the Harbour View area this month. There is, however, a Harris Teeter located in North Suffolk that will see the effects of the merger.

Shoppers surveyed in North Suffolk on Tuesday had a generally positive reaction to the news.

“I like Kroger and Harris Teeter, however I like the price of Kroger better,” said Ross McCaskill, 40, of Suffolk, citing his familiarity and preference of the Kroger brand. “I think it would be a good thing.” Ross hopes the merger will bring Kroger products to Harris Teeter stores.


Not everyone is knowledgeable about Kroger supermarkets, since none currently exist in Suffolk. As a result, the several of those surveyed had no strong feelings about the merger.
“I have no opinion,” said Clarence Miller, 81, of Chesapeake, as he left the Harris Teeter in North Suffolk. “We (he and his wife) like Harris Teeter. We used to go to Kroger 50 years ago in Chicago.”

Overall, though, the acquisition has been met with a favorable reception.
“It’s fine. Both of them are good stores,” said Tom Stone, 66, of Norfolk. He said he is impressed with the aesthetic quality of both supermarkets. “I’m a gentleman that likes presentation.”

Stone was surprised, however, with the details of the purchase.
“I would have thought Harris Teeter would be acquiring Kroger, not the other way around.”


One of the largest retailers in the world, Kroger has 2,419 supermarkets employing 343,000 workers in 31 states, in addition to the hundreds of convenience stores, fuel centers and jewelry stores that are part of the Kroger company.

Having donated to a multitude of causes including breast cancer awareness, grassroots organizations, schools, military and Feeding America food bank partners, Kroger has been named the most generous company in America by Forbes magazine.

Harris Teeter operates a chain of 212 establishments in eight states — mostly in the mid-Atlantic and the Southeast — and the District of Columbia. Kroger will acquire the $100 million debt accumulated by Harris Teeter. Kroger purchased the Harris Teeter shares at $49.38 per share.

  • Peanutbred

    At the present time, all Harris Teeters will remain so and its price-points will not change, which, generally, are about 15% higher than those at Kroger. Kroger made the purchase to improve its bottom-line.

    It is unlikely that Kroger will be opening any Harris Teeters in any low-end market segments – such as central Suffolk – because HTs tend to be built in upscale communities and located within newly created “town centers”.

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  • kcscarlett1

    Shopped at Kroger all the time when we lived in southwest VA. Harris Teeter is OK – But can we PLEASE get one that’s not located 1/2 hr. away in Harbor View? Lots of Suffolk residents also live and pay taxes in the 460/58 corridor of Suffolk.

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    • PaulaMcElroy

      Grocery store chains do not decide to locate stores places because “residents also live and pay taxes” there. Grocery stores are for profit businesses and could care less if you pay taxes.

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