Lillian Green was awarded the Troy Exchange Club’s Book of Golden Deeds Award. Photo by Jaine Treadwell

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 12, 1999

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Features Editor

Published Aug. 12, 1999

Not many people know for sure that their name is etched in the Book of Golden Deeds. However, Lillian Green is sure that hers is there.

The Troy Exchange Club recently presented Mrs. Green a plaque in recognition of the many Golden Deeds that she has done.

The Book of Golden Deeds Award is one of the highest awards given by the Exchange Club. Mrs. Green, director of the Senior Nutrition Center, was given the award for her dedication to senior citizens in the community and her determination to help them.

Mrs. Green has been involved with the nutrition program for 17 years and said the program gives her life special meaning and purpose.

"These people here are my friends and a part of my family," she said. "I love them every one and I love them dearly."

Mrs. Green said over the years, she has been richly blessed by her association with the nutrition center.

"I don’t know if I’ve done anything for all these wonderful people but I sure do know what they have done for me."

Because Mrs. Green knows the importance of keeping active and involved, she goes the extra mile in planning activities for the seniors.

"We have a lot of fun and sometimes we might do silly things – and it’s okay to do silly things sometimes, isn’t it? But all of that keeps us young," Mrs. Green said. "We have Easter egg hunts and picnics and a lot of other activities around the holidays. We have a good time being together and it makes my day to come here."

Mrs. Green said nothing she has ever done was for recognition.

"What I want to do is make life easier, better and happier for others. Older people have special needs that maybe we don’t know about unless we seek these people out. Loneliness is a problem many people face every day and it’s a problem we can solve with a little kindness and caring. I hope the nutrition center is a place where everyone who walks through the door finds kindness and caring."

Mrs. Green said she was honored to have received the Golden Deeds Award and expressed appreciation to the Troy Exchange Club for deeming her worthy.

"The name of the Troy Exchange Club is surely listed in the big Book of Golden Deeds because of the good that they do in our community," Mrs. Green said. "So many people have been touched by their good deeds and I want to thank them for what they do and for giving me this honor. I’ll do my best to be deserving of it."