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Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 12, 1999

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Published Sept. 12, 1999

The Pike County United Way got its "Gearing Up for 2000" campaign" under way Thursday with a luncheon at the Adams Center Ballroom.

The purpose of the luncheon was two-fold – as a thank you for support of last year’s campaign and to gear up for growth and expansion this year.

The Pike County United Way is going into its ninth campaign and "once you get involved, it’s hard to let go," said Doc Kirby, president of the Pike County United Way.

"The United Way is more than a charity," Kirby said. "It speaks to you from the heart. We are all involved because it’s the right thing to do."

Locally, the United Way supports the Alabama Easter Seal Society, American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America, East Central Mental Health, House of Ruth, Pike County Christmas Program, Pike County 4-H Clubs, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Salvation Army, South Central Alabama Girl Scout Council and the Troy Charity League. Agencies under consideration for support are the Montgomery Area Food Bank and OCAP.

"The United Way touches many lives through these different agencies," Kirby said. "Almost everyone at one time or another will be benefit directly or indirectly by United Way."

Charles Colvin, executive director of the Montgomery Area United Way, was the featured speaker at the luncheon.

"The United Way is the only charity on the surface of the planet that is designed to operate the way it does," Colvin said. "It is unique in the accountability of money being given to the agencies providing valid services. It is also broad-based with its focus on health and human services – from prenatal care to Hospice care. United Way covers the full spectrum of care from the time someone is born to the day they pass on. That makes United Way unique among charities."

The Pike County United Way is a non-profit organization that conducts an annual fund drive to raise monies from individuals, professionals, businesses and corporations. The monies collected are then distributed or allocated to the different agencies to serve the charitable and leadership needs of Pike County.

PCUW is managed by a civic-minded board serving without pay with support from a part-time secretary/bookkeeper. Each local agency receiving funds has a representative on the advisory board that helps, assists, and advises PCUW.

PCUW administers no money to individuals and all funds used by those requiring or needing help are received through one of the agencies.

The PCUW board of directors will be meeting this week to set the goal for this year’s appeal and everyone is reminded that the success of the campaign will depend on "The Power of U."