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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 15, 1999

budget for 1999-2000


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Published Sept. 15, 1999

Hourly city of Troy employees will receive a five percent pay increase if Troy City Council approves the fiscal year 1999-2000 budget with which it was presented Tuesday.

Troy Mayor Jimmy C. Lunsford gave council members his proposed budget at Tuesday night’s meeting. The preliminary budget lists the general fund expenses at $10.6 million and the utility fund expenses at about $14.9 million.

This represents an $800,000 increase over last year’s budget, Lunsford said. He attributed the increase to an anticipated growth in sales tax and other revenues.

The raise is composed of a step increase and a 2.5 percent across the board cost of living expense, he said. It takes effect in the October pay period.

Besides giving raises to all non-salaried city employees, Lunsford said, "we were able to fully fund every department’s request based on last year’s funding."

Alton Starling, city clerk and treasurer, said he expects council to vote on the budget at its next meeting.

Council President Johnny Witherington said he thanked Lunsford and all city department heads involved in crafting the budget.

The council also approved Resolution 407 to allow Lunsford to execute a contract with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Emergency Watershed Protection Program. The agreement allows the city to work with USDA and the Troy Housing Authority to "relieve hazards caused by natural disasters," Witherington said.

It allows the city to improve drainage in Housing Authority areas.