More weather sirens

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 17, 1999

benefit entire county

Published Sept. 17, 1999

Storms stirring up in the tropics have recently had people from the East Coast fleeing inland, and more than once have had Pike County residents concerned about the storms heading our way.

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During the warm summer months intense thunderstorms have spawned a tornado or two, and we have been unaware. But soon that will change.

The Pike County Commission and city council have been working toward an early warning system for the county. With a grant from the Emergency Management Agency, the sirens system soon became a reality and plans were put into action.

The city of Troy was to purchase five sirens, the town of Brundidge was to purchase one and the commission was to purchase five sirens for the remainder of the county.

But an opportunity came by the commission that was too good to let pass.

When making plans for the siren purchase, a lease program allowed the commission double the amount of sirens.

The lease program will allow the commission to lease-to-own 10 sirens at a cost of $21,651 compared to the original number of five sirens for $13,000. The additional sirens will be placed at the volunteer fire departments across the county. At the end of the five-year lease the commission will have the opportunity to own each siren for $1 each.

We commend the commission for taking advantage of the opportunity to make sure the entire county has access to the sirens. The each county commissioner expressed a great deal of interest in making sure the residents in their districts were well covered and made aware of approaching storms that could bring danger into their area.

Residents can rest assured that when their safety is an issue, they are well represented by the people they have elected to serve them.